2003-01-15 10:28:53 ET

I am so in love with my art class i am excited about learning more... woo hoow

2003-01-15 10:37:09 ET

My art class was fun... Except for the annoying people in it. Which was just about everyone, except for Ryan.

2003-01-15 11:53:46 ET


2003-01-15 15:08:52 ET

:) YAY

2003-01-15 15:22:14 ET

EEP. Im no good at art.. but glad you're having fun :D

2003-01-15 15:47:29 ET

Art classes sound cool. I have none, but I kinda wish I did.

2003-01-16 05:18:24 ET

You should.. its relaxing.. and it helps with your other work..

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