2003-01-22 06:25:05 ET

Woo hoo.. sleep is good..

2003-01-22 10:03:12 ET

so are tortillas.

2003-01-22 11:02:00 ET

yep yep

2003-01-22 23:02:09 ET

You so pretty crys

2003-01-22 23:21:38 ET

yes she is.

2003-01-22 23:35:13 ET

Im Jealous

2003-01-22 23:39:10 ET

Why? You're pretty, too. Runs in the family.

2003-01-22 23:40:39 ET

Well I may be happy with the way I look but I can still envy others. no harm in that

2003-01-22 23:43:45 ET

I suppose. yeah. ok.

2003-01-23 05:59:31 ET


I think you guys are crazy

2003-01-23 11:25:03 ET

Well, that goes without saying. But that doesn't change the fact that you're a fox. You're from Foxotopia. That's the capital of Foxcatchuan.

2003-01-23 12:39:22 ET

sleep can be good...

and of course we're crazy...so?

2003-01-23 18:04:36 ET

but but but.. I like your crazy ness.. but me being a fox.. rikki is great..

2003-01-23 18:44:18 ET

:-D And you're a fox.

2003-01-23 23:45:24 ET

and im a wildabeast! :-D

2003-01-24 08:06:49 ET


2003-01-24 10:15:56 ET

Can i be an animal too?

2003-01-24 12:45:41 ET

if you say so ;-P

you're more foxy!

and dawn...um...no!

actually yeah you can..if you really want...

2003-01-24 12:57:01 ET

No now i dont want to....and :

2003-01-24 12:58:45 ET

well fine

2003-01-24 13:57:44 ET

Fine... fine.. but hum.....

2003-01-24 15:52:41 ET


2003-01-25 01:05:56 ET

but we need you!

2003-01-25 05:27:31 ET

you dont need me enough to let me be an animal.

2003-01-25 09:19:12 ET

but i need you you can be a hum...
Lepard.. cause they are sexy..

2003-01-25 18:30:53 ET

yes we do!

i was just joking


2003-01-25 19:08:24 ET


2003-01-26 03:23:25 ET

I know
SO am i
Im just milking the situation

2003-01-26 07:59:15 ET

Hahaha.. i know

2003-01-26 18:15:07 ET

Sleep is good. But, sometimes I find myself not getting as much as I would like to.

2003-01-26 18:16:06 ET

me too its not fun at all

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