I want to see
2003-01-26 17:48:58 ET

I want things in this life, to many to say, but i guess i dont need them any way

I want to see what i really am in side
i want to be happy for once in my life
i want to be pretty, just like bre wants (but she really is)
I want to be thin
I want to feel more than pain
I want to be interesting
I want

i want
thats all i can say.. i should be more understanding of it but i am not...
its life and its mine and i suppose i will get on with it..

2003-01-26 17:56:51 ET

you are pretty, very. you're beautiful.
thin is nothing but wanting to be thinner.

(forgive the strangeness. i've been to close to the fire these last few days)

2003-01-26 17:59:58 ET

haha.. its ok.. but thank you.. :) it helps trust me

2003-01-26 18:07:53 ET

i'm back in town. for now.
drop me a line sometime.

2003-01-26 18:09:51 ET

We all want, it's our nature. Turn those wants into goals and work to achieve them. If that makes you happy it is worth everything. I wish so much for you and your sister, you both should be very happy. I want to do something. I will pray for you, crys

2003-01-26 18:18:05 ET

Cool if i get down to SV soon i will .. you should stop buy Spencers and Say hi to brenna.. she needs it..

Steve.. thank you so much i love you so much.. but some things i want are unachieveable unless you want to sergecly alter your self and that aint gunna happen..

2003-01-26 18:22:51 ET

I shall deffinatly make a note to.

2003-01-26 18:26:25 ET

yes, I agree, somethings are unachievable. and it's even harder to get past them when you know they are indeed unachievable. I know how that can be.

2003-01-26 19:00:33 ET

I think you are beautiful AND fascinating. Why else would I want to be with you so much? I tease you sometimes about being "boring", but it's just that. You're responsible. Not a bad thing. Oh, and last of all: I LOVE YOU!!!

2003-01-26 19:13:24 ET

I love you too rikki.. my i am so glad that you think i am Facinating.. :) i miss you so much.. i wanna get down there as soon as i can.. i am hoping friday i can.. i am going to beg if I have too..

2003-01-26 19:17:12 ET

You better. I miss Crys.

2003-01-26 19:21:04 ET

:) i miss rix.. and i will... i will get my happy little ass down there even if it kills me..

2003-01-26 19:23:38 ET

Damn straight.

We'll go BOWLING!

2003-01-26 19:26:12 ET

bowling sounds good.. even if i am dead.. hey then you wont have to rent shoes or a ball.. you could use my head..

ok ok i knwo bad joke.. but i am so used to my dad telling me i have a bowling ball head.. so yeah..

I miss my rikki.. i am tired.. school tomorrow and junk....

but its ART so i am excited,.. then there is writing with psyco bitch teacher, but she is nice to me.. but crazy.. young and crazy.. its weird

2003-01-26 19:28:25 ET

Bowling rocks ass. And I have my own shoes!

2003-01-26 19:31:42 ET

i know.. hehe.. woot.. :)

2003-01-26 19:41:31 ET


2003-01-27 03:06:17 ET

everyone can get whatever they want...it just takes work, dedication, and overcoming the obstacles

whatever you want, i know you have strength to achieve, hun (-:


2003-01-27 06:20:30 ET

:) thank you..

BUt some things.. involve a little more than work..

2003-01-27 13:11:19 ET

depends.....nothing's impossible, hun, only improbable...ive seen more than one person overcome seemingly impossible odds

2003-01-27 13:13:52 ET

I've seen Crystal do it a few ttimes.

2003-01-27 13:15:00 ET

and i wouldnt be surprised at all if she can do it again (-:

2003-01-27 13:16:32 ET

I'd be surprised if she doesn't.

2003-01-27 18:47:27 ET


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