I cried again tonight.
2003-01-28 18:06:37 ET

I miss my friends.
I see people with there friends on tv and I cry. I know its pathitic but I do.
I really need more people here.
I am going to SV on Friday, if I can stay at Rikki's house that is..
I am hoping I can.
I am going to call her tomorrow and see.

2003-01-28 18:09:29 ET

i know it sucks to cry!

2003-01-28 18:20:32 ET

Being away from friends sucks. They have a way of calling you up and letting you know how much fun they are having.

2003-01-28 18:46:46 ET

hmm...come to montana with rikki! <eyes rikki intently out of the corner of my eye>

2003-01-28 21:50:13 ET

Crys, of course you can stay here!!! I miss you!!

2003-01-29 05:41:20 ET

:) thank you so much guys..

Trust me it helps...

I will be there friday rikki.. :)
we should go to montana.. hehe.

Alice29b: you say Portland is your favorite City.. YOu now are #1.. :) i love the north west..

2003-01-29 05:42:28 ET

lol. Or Boston.

Can't wait to see you.

2003-01-29 05:44:27 ET

Cant wait to see you either... :) i love my rikki

2003-01-29 05:46:15 ET

And I hump my... errrr... I love my Crystal.

2003-01-29 05:46:41 ET

:).. hehe..

WHAt the FUCK did Chris do.

2003-01-29 05:49:18 ET

After admitting to lying last Thursday, and apologizing, and begging my forgiveness, he promised to call Saturday night. It's now Wednesday morning. No call. No email. Nothing. And I still just keep thinking about the lying.

2003-01-29 05:51:13 ET

because it makes you think, what elses is he lying about?

2003-01-29 06:00:31 ET


2003-01-29 06:38:36 ET

i know.. hum... he bites..

2003-01-29 06:44:58 ET

heh. Frequently. ;-)

2003-01-29 06:46:38 ET

no.. he is being a DICK.. and asshole and many other words i could think of..

2003-01-29 06:48:21 ET

yeah. That he is.

2003-01-30 05:22:22 ET

damn the dork... hum

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