2003-02-02 06:37:32 ET


and DAMMIT!!

THat will be all

2003-02-02 11:40:40 ET



2003-02-02 11:40:51 ET

luv you!

2003-02-02 12:20:23 ET

What are these words of despair for?

2003-02-02 13:12:09 ET

I will agree with those words and add a huge FUCKER! to the scene

2003-02-02 14:11:19 ET

and i will add a COCK SUCKER!

2003-02-02 17:29:21 ET

:0 hehe.. thanks guys.. you make me feel good

2003-02-02 23:47:11 ET

heh coo :)

2003-02-03 05:35:40 ET

:) hehe.. and dodododo

2003-02-03 12:37:30 ET


2003-02-03 13:49:15 ET

hehe.. thats great..

2003-02-03 14:00:31 ET

yes yes.......
umm bop ba dum bop ba dom bop dudi bum ba do bop ba do bop ado....

2003-02-03 14:02:10 ET

hahaha.. hanson?

2003-02-03 14:03:35 ET

hehehahahaa yes yes,how did you guess!?
they suck,but that toon pops in my head from time to time :(

2003-02-03 14:05:10 ET

yeah.. its a fun fun annoying song.. but no it pops in to my head too..

2003-02-03 14:06:39 ET

ahhh *sigh of releife*
glad i'm not the only one!

2003-02-03 14:07:47 ET

yeah.. plus my dad likes that song..

2003-02-03 14:11:53 ET

ahh i see,so you have to hear it!?? :(
poor you...*mo hugs*

2003-02-03 14:13:08 ET

thank you.. yes here it.. Its on the end of the offspring tape he listens to in his car.. so yeah

2003-02-03 14:14:22 ET

wow yur dad like offspring!! cool!
and you?

2003-02-03 14:15:39 ET

i like offspring... too..
and he likes Rage against the machiene (sp)

2003-02-03 14:18:02 ET

me like rage too,yeay!!

2003-02-03 14:20:15 ET

oh yeah..

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