Mostly random thought process.
2003-02-07 14:28:58 ET

I am rearanging my room it will be cool.. I Hope rikki is still coming.. i need to call and ask.. but i do hope she is.. cause i miss her..
i am going to just type random thoughts so yeah. blah and i just want to have fun need 5000 dollars cause i want to move to california. that way it will give me enough to get an apartment and get settled so i can get a job. i really want to move to cali, i miss the beach.. i like the beach, swiming is fun.. i swam in the middle of march the first time i was in california and yeah it was nice... mission beach has a lot of broken shells and i cut up my poor little feet.. eep.. feet are grody.. i am slow on the thinking end of my brain.. so this is quite randome so yeah get over the thought process of it all yeas yre.s..d aisduojl.. and yeha....
well i need to finish laundry and my room.. i miss rikki.. i want her to move here then we could move to california to gether that would be cool.. love my life right.. boring right down to the day i die well at least thats what i think.... right..

Love ya guys..

2003-02-07 15:06:12 ET

i need to move too

phooey on money

2003-02-07 17:56:51 ET

yeah.. but i dont have a job.. and i am not aloud to have one till summer.. so

phooey on no job or money

2003-02-07 17:58:12 ET

heh...i just cant find a job :-\

2003-02-07 17:58:29 ET


2003-02-07 18:06:11 ET


2003-02-07 18:07:22 ET

what pants?

2003-02-07 18:07:58 ET

my pants.

2003-02-07 18:09:24 ET

why your pants?

2003-02-07 18:10:20 ET

why not? <raises eyebrow>

2003-02-07 18:10:45 ET

can i have your pants?

2003-02-07 18:12:51 ET


sure ;-)

2003-02-08 00:46:37 ET

come to Cali with me this summer, goofball.

2003-02-08 00:58:14 ET

yes, come to cali with her, me, and this guy!

2003-02-08 01:04:26 ET

We'll bring him, too.

2003-02-08 01:08:03 ET

but of course!

2003-02-08 08:22:08 ET

but that guy is scary

2003-02-08 14:59:50 ET

oh pshaw! he's nice!!

2003-02-08 20:37:58 ET


2003-02-09 16:46:06 ET

And he does a really cool trick with his sword and underwear.

2003-02-09 19:19:58 ET

<nods> this is true

2003-02-10 06:12:35 ET


2003-02-11 01:28:20 ET


2003-02-11 07:48:05 ET

YAY... :) woot

2003-02-11 22:54:06 ET

i will write you back...but ill wait until life is going a bit better...not happy tonight...meh...

2003-02-12 05:42:13 ET

oh.. sorry babe.. hope you feel better..

2003-02-13 23:13:48 ET


2003-02-14 05:45:02 ET


2003-02-16 01:51:27 ET


2003-02-16 12:12:05 ET

I love lars.. woto

2003-02-24 01:19:02 ET

i love youu!

i must write you back sooon

2003-02-24 05:41:53 ET

YAY.. i hope you do.. i feel blah latelly and that will helpe me out

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