2003-02-13 16:57:57 ET


2003-02-13 17:01:13 ET

word =)

2003-02-13 17:03:31 ET

Happy Valentines day unto you as well!

2003-02-13 18:10:56 ET

but its not valentines is VENEREAL DAY

2003-02-13 18:17:44 ET

you rawk

2003-02-13 18:17:56 ET

THank you.. I LOVE LARS

2003-02-13 18:20:32 ET

oh but i love you more! ;-)

2003-02-13 18:21:20 ET

really.. MOVE HERE!!!.. you should move here and then i wouldnt be so bitter on VD day..

2003-02-13 18:27:30 ET

lol....if i could ;-P

and eh, valentines farce sucks anyway

2003-02-13 18:29:05 ET

yeah.. i hate it.. but at least i could party with ya

2003-02-13 18:38:31 ET

yes yes



leaf lettuce

...or something

2003-02-13 18:56:27 ET

haha.. oh yeah.. whos boobies?

2003-02-13 19:34:03 ET

hmmm...YOU TELL ME! ;-)

2003-02-14 00:15:59 ET

(chuckles) it's just a day! To me it's always been just another day in the year.

2003-02-14 05:46:25 ET

Yeah.. but your not bitter!!

My boobies? haha.. dearlord

2003-02-14 15:18:00 ET

I'm not bitter cause I eat lots of sugar!

2003-02-14 16:01:51 ET

ah.. but i am.. but yeah.. i am always.. i am going to die with out ever knowing love.

2003-02-14 16:14:04 ET

I don't believe that it will be that way. There is no sign of love or marraige in my future either, but I know that if it is destiny, it will happen. What we can't control in life we should try especially hard not to worry about, as hard as it is to do.

Others might argue that you should be glad you don't know love. I however hope that you will. It is what you want, and what you want is what you deserve

2003-02-14 18:52:04 ET

i know it sucks..

2003-02-15 02:30:08 ET

your boobies work, yes d-;

2003-02-15 09:23:48 ET

hum.. ok.. haha

2003-02-15 09:59:01 ET

They work for me!

2003-02-15 10:57:37 ET

really.. hum..

2003-02-15 23:25:36 ET

work it baby ;-)


2003-02-16 12:12:41 ET

humm **sheepish** k

2003-02-20 01:59:59 ET

lol...aw... (-:

2003-02-20 06:26:22 ET

hehe.. :D

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