2003-03-13 05:40:29 ET


2003-03-13 06:52:37 ET

witch patch the birthcontrol patch or the niccotine one?

2003-03-13 07:01:10 ET

it sucks...

2003-03-13 07:51:32 ET

Good, thats what you get for smoking in the first place! ;P But seriously I hope that you can quit, you have my support!

2003-03-13 10:36:07 ET

Eh.. it's really hard to quit... I wish you luck! Brave the itchiness!

2003-03-13 11:54:27 ET

the crotch! it burns!

2003-03-13 13:51:30 ET

i stopped smoking after i figured i cant mosh @ a anti-flag show.
the only time i have ever had a smoke since then was when i was on my way to the emergency room!

keep it up, smoking only feeds the corperate monsters that want you dead!

2003-03-13 18:45:26 ET

I'm sure they sell cigarettes JUST to kill America.

But you have our support, Crystalbaby.

2003-03-13 20:53:25 ET

Way to go CRYS!! You're stronger than me just for trying! How long have I been saying I'm gonna quit? Oh, say, since I started- 7 years ago!

2003-03-15 18:08:35 ET

yeah.. i know how that is..
i will do it.. YES.. :) it is going to be better that way.

2003-03-15 18:09:11 ET

OH and thank you so much you guys

2003-03-17 04:05:37 ET


2003-03-17 14:17:38 ET


2003-03-17 15:56:24 ET

No problem babe ;)

2003-03-18 17:42:03 ET

:) yay.

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