2003-03-22 20:02:36 ET

Well i have been in pajamas all day.. and it was great. i am going to bed in a few so yeah.. tis so grand. i did a lot of nothing today. it was a fun day.

2003-03-22 20:04:53 ET

doing a whole bunch of nothing is way fun...

2003-03-22 23:47:10 ET

wish i could've joined ya

and i still need to write you back...sorry its taking so long...been busy lately :-\

but ill get it done, promise


2003-03-23 14:06:22 ET

tis ok lars.. :) **raises eyebrows** I wish you could have joined me too!! :)

and yes a whole bunch of nothing is so grand.

2003-03-23 20:35:17 ET

Pajamas rule. They so totally rule. I got mine from Walgreens.

2003-03-24 09:15:14 ET

sleep nekkid!

2003-03-24 12:09:58 ET

Sleeping naked feels weird, sometimes.

2003-03-24 12:28:08 ET

not when there is someone naked in there with you!
: )

2003-03-24 18:07:10 ET

haha.. so true so true..

2003-03-24 19:08:59 ET


i usually sleep naked ;-P

if i wear anything its boxers

i dunno...its comfy!

2003-03-24 20:14:48 ET

I wear boxers, blue jeans, and a white under shirt. Sometimes I'll wear sox!

2003-03-25 00:18:37 ET

crazy kid ;-)

2003-03-25 06:25:39 ET

sox.. i cant stand wearing socks to sleep.. last night i slept in a thin california tee shirt and underpants.. woo..

2003-03-25 07:57:37 ET

sox to bed?! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

2003-03-25 12:32:24 ET

Yeah, sometimes my feet hair get caught in it over night. Kind of uncomfortable.

2003-03-25 12:35:07 ET

i once worse the same pair of socks for a week without taking them off!
talk about crusty

2003-03-25 12:36:12 ET

mmmmmmm, toe jam!

2003-03-25 12:40:31 ET

more like foot fungus

2003-03-25 17:32:03 ET

gross... and ewww.. and foot hair?

2003-03-25 17:43:55 ET

Yeah, I got some! You got a problem with it?!

2003-03-25 17:47:07 ET

no.. what i have a problem with is that your so cute, and too young.. haha.. sorry that just slipt out.

2003-03-25 17:49:31 ET

heh! oops!

2003-03-25 17:50:29 ET

haha.. i am suck a dork.. sorry

2003-03-25 17:53:55 ET

No Prob Bob!

2003-03-25 17:54:36 ET

any who.. what is new with you?

2003-03-25 18:01:58 ET

Who? Me? Head on over to kissmedeadly's page and you will see.

2003-03-26 10:21:57 ET

ah.. ok..

2003-03-26 10:26:14 ET

ah that sucks.. :(

2003-03-26 17:18:57 ET

Yes, yes it does.

2003-03-27 05:55:23 ET

sorry.. i know its not my fault but still sorry..

2003-03-27 13:55:31 ET

Yeah, well that's the way things go sometimes. Maybe it's for the best.

2003-03-28 07:18:34 ET

well you never really know..

2003-03-28 23:02:03 ET

dance to moroder

2003-03-29 09:45:32 ET

hum... sure why not

2003-03-29 12:37:43 ET

dance to moroder
with new moves for dazzled eyes
the dance floor is spinning
with colors and magic lights
so dance to moroder
and see that the world is ours tonight!


2003-03-30 18:29:28 ET

ah.. super.. really.. :)

2003-03-30 21:08:04 ET

lol...it's from ze song 'dance to moroder' by joy electric which i just happenned to be listening to when i wrote that...great song...yes

2003-03-31 07:02:35 ET

haha.. well good.. i believe i should listen to it so yeah.

2003-03-31 11:57:25 ET


p.s. ill try to write you back sooooon

my life's been rather dull lately so ive sorta been waiting till i have something interesting to tell ya about...lol

2003-03-31 16:06:41 ET

GOOD.. i want a letter.. i feel unloved.. :| hurm. :)

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