It should be done
2003-05-28 18:58:07 ET

Well I guess that I should tell what has been going on.

I get my Car back tomorrow some time, havenít had it for a week or so.

Rikki, my best friend, and nonblood sister is leaving on Friday which makes me immensely sad. And it will be extremely difficult for me to deal with at first.

I have been writing a song, I was going to enter it in to a contest but the due date is Friday as well and its not finished so thatís out.

I need a job, and soon. I am moving out some time next month so really need income for rent and such.

Taking a year off college because I have to, to appreciate the value of it.
Wanting a boyfriend, or girlfriend or just dating. I need to make friends up here in the Tucson area other than my little sisters friends.

Feeling really depressed a lot more than usually but I will get over it.

And that is about it. So yeah, thatís about what has been going' on.


2003-05-28 21:30:46 ET

Cheer up Crys. I hope that you are okay when Rikki leaves. If you need someone to talk to I'm here. goodluck with finding a job and a roomate! Love ya!

2003-05-29 05:39:10 ET

Yeah.. :) i love you buddy.. :) and thank you.. you and MD should move here then i would have friends.

2003-05-29 06:46:53 ET

Yeah, or you could move back to SV.

2003-05-29 08:41:13 ET

nothing on gods green earth would make me move back there. sorry.. but Mia wants out too you know..

2003-05-29 08:43:13 ET

Yeah I know, I was just kidding.

2003-05-29 08:44:02 ET

haha yeah.. you both should move here.. yes..

2003-05-29 08:44:43 ET

Maybe so...

2003-05-29 13:50:36 ET

yes.. yes yes..

2003-05-29 13:57:27 ET

Give me anywhere between three months and a year and I'll be living in Tucson. Now if only I could get my girlfriend to move with us, things would be great

2003-05-29 18:27:24 ET

Yes.. much so.. then i would have super people living here.. muahahah

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