I miss
2003-06-02 15:33:07 ET

I miss rikki,
I miss jessica


I have my car back but the ac broke already, stupid leek. i find out wednesday if it can be fixed. ;( but its ok

2003-06-02 17:20:44 ET

Too much sadness. I pray things take a positive change for you

2003-06-02 17:55:44 ET

You look gorgeous!! Just thought I'd let you know -drools-

2003-06-02 18:05:59 ET

Aww hun, I hope things get better for you *zen hugs*

2003-06-02 18:34:17 ET

Steve: It will it just takes time.

Jess: thank you so much, i like that picture lots foronce i like a picture of myself.

Mia: thank you, i appreciate it muchies.

2003-06-02 19:02:00 ET

yes, ,your avy is very cute!

2003-06-02 22:11:51 ET

You look beautiful in that picture! Hopefully your AC can be fixed.

2003-06-03 07:07:30 ET

Thank you steve. :) hehe.. :)

ryan, thank you much. :) Yeah i hope it can be fixed too.. :)

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