2003-06-05 13:24:48 ET

Missing my Rix..
My car is fixed..
wait ididnt mean to rhyme.. haha
but any way.. i am bored, i want out


I just talked to RIkki. it was so good to hear from her.. god i amgoing to cry. :( but i miss her, and i knowi will see her again, it will just be hard. i miss her so mcuh.

2003-06-05 13:32:55 ET

I'm bored too....and I really need to get out of this town

2003-06-05 13:37:23 ET

Yes out is good..
But i need out of this "GOD FORSAKEN" state.

2003-06-05 13:49:18 ET

Yeah that would be a good thing too, but I think that I am quite a ways off from attaining that much freedom from this place

2003-06-05 16:55:50 ET

Where did she move to?

2003-06-05 20:04:53 ET

Crys and Mia should come live with me in Denver.

2003-06-06 09:24:31 ET

angel, she moved to cali.

wait! you talked to rikki!?! when was this?! what did she say?! tell me! TELL ME!

2003-06-06 12:39:40 ET

Yesterday.. it was great. she is in a hotel right now but when the house is finished she will have internet again.

2003-06-11 16:18:51 ET

awwwwww i miss her. she's supposed to come visit meh soon.

2003-06-11 18:52:38 ET

Yeah, she better though she needs the escape from it.
live i mean.
I miss rikki..

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