2003-07-04 10:20:03 ET

I hate my life.
Gahd. my dad is being a butt. He dosnt mean to but thats what makes it worse, he keeps calling me a lesbian, saying things like "when you going to get a girlfriend". I mean i have no idea if i am a lesbian, and it wouldnt matter if I was its just my dad is being such an ass about it.

2003-07-04 14:00:14 ET

I'm sorry hun, that sucks, I have a really good friend who acts the same way to me

2003-07-04 15:21:54 ET

Some guys just don't know how to react to lesbians or the thought of lesbians. So they act.. rudely about it. Don't take it too hard Crys, just let it roll.

2003-07-04 15:28:32 ET

Yeah. Thanks guys..
MD: sorry to you too. Some people are buttheads.
Jess: thank you.. i love you and i miss you and I want you to be here..

2003-07-04 15:35:45 ET

Adam is trying to get stationed back in Arizona....

2003-07-04 15:36:46 ET

Really.. Hum.. It would be great. But what do you want?

2003-07-04 17:17:56 ET

I'm sorry Crys, that can't be any fun. Have you tried talking to him about it and telling him that it makes you feel bad?

2003-07-04 18:36:08 ET

Its ok.. I LVOE YOU RYAN.. he just gets all upset and depressed, which makes me feel bad..

2003-07-04 19:22:54 ET

I wouldn't mind it, its better than here.

2003-07-04 21:19:40 ET

Love you too Crys. I can't wait until I can get out of here and go out there to AZ. I'm getting sicker and more disgusted with this place by the day.

2003-07-05 09:33:24 ET

:) YAY.. See every one wants AZ you know why... BECAUSE I AM HERE.. oh yes..
Jess you dont like NC.. well i hope he gets transfered here then.. YES..

2003-07-05 16:13:12 ET

yes yes yes... I hope so too!

2003-07-06 08:54:34 ET

:) YAY.. i miss my jessica..

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