2003-07-05 09:36:31 ET


It looks cloudy outside like it will rain, but its just SMOKE from the damned fires.. I wish that who ever started it feels horrid.. I mean i know it wasnt on purpous but damn, it looks really bad out side and the fires ahve burned like 600,000 acres already.. :( its no fun

2003-07-05 10:03:47 ET

We had a fire like that out here a while ago. All because a park ranger broke up with her boyfriend, then she burned a letter she got from him or something and it started the trees on fire. They though she set it on purpose so she could look like a hero for putting it out herself. Anyways she is going to prison for a long time.

2003-07-05 10:46:05 ET

Yep i remember.. it was sad.

2003-07-05 11:02:08 ET

Very much so. So many people lost their houses.

2003-07-06 01:40:57 ET

that sucketh....

2003-07-06 08:59:30 ET

Yes it does!!.. :)

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