Now hear this, Now hear this!
2003-07-07 10:54:12 ET

Oreos do not, I repeat do not taste the same, nor good, coming back up.

2003-07-07 12:42:14 ET

:( are you sick? I hear that ice cream tastes the same comming up, but I wouldnt want to try it.

2003-07-07 16:03:42 ET

Do people say that they do taste the same coming back up?

2003-07-07 17:20:36 ET

Wow, that's really gross.
Throwing up orange juice is nasty too.

2003-07-07 17:41:10 ET

-laughs- That was a very unexpected thought.. heh.. But I know how you feel. I basically puked up everything I ate for 2 months straight. I'll tell you this, drinking milk then having it come up again STILL COLD is kinda disturbing..... heheh..

2003-07-08 05:05:36 ET

oh bleh, you poor thing

2003-07-08 18:43:35 ET

VH:I dont know if it is supposed to but it really dosent.
Ryan: yep sick, but nobody believes me.
Jess: thats no fun.. and yes milk coming up still cold would not be fun or well anything eww..
MD: thank you..

2003-07-08 21:12:43 ET

Why doesn't anyone believe you?

2003-07-09 07:20:54 ET

Because they all suck. no its because I used to say i was sick alot but the doctor couldnt find anything wrong with me, but recently i found out that its because i am an empath, blah it is not that fun really.. but yeah

2003-07-09 08:14:19 ET

That sucks, people used to never believe that I was sick, half of the time I wasn't. Whats an Empath?

2003-07-09 19:34:06 ET

I will explain later

2003-07-09 20:33:13 ET

Don't worry about it I'll just look it up.

2003-07-12 09:39:18 ET


2003-07-16 14:25:52 ET

Sadness. Feel better!

2003-07-16 15:43:29 ET

EM... your ON... I MISSED YOU.. eeee.. **so giddy she pops** yay..

2003-07-17 08:58:54 ET

I'm on every once and a while. I'm mostly off doing... stuff.

2003-07-17 14:41:08 ET

Yes.. I misst you..

2003-07-18 09:38:20 ET

*is wiping off Crys' "misst"*

2003-07-18 10:13:35 ET

hehe.. I know..

2003-07-19 15:25:33 ET

I still want to know what an empath is.

2003-07-19 15:45:13 ET

Ah.. It is a person who can feel the emotions and pain of another person..

2003-07-19 15:46:51 ET

Ah, I see.

2003-07-19 16:35:55 ET


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