recorded today    2010-02-05 18:37:06 ET
Today I recorded a LOT with my band, we got a lot done and did a ton of different stuff! It is sounding really good! Today was a pretty busy day I did a lot of stuff. Currently listening to some vinyl records. I am going to get to bed on the earlier side today I think.

     2010-02-04 14:58:09 ET
Hey everybody, had a long day today, I did a ton of different things. I am going to be watching the German film "Wings of Desire" it is supposed to be a VERY good movie and I am super excited to see it. I just bought it today. Anybody have any foreign films they want to recommend to me, I love foreign films.

 hi    2010-02-03 19:56:42 ET
Wow it has been a REALLY long time since I have written a journal entry on here. I will have to start doing it more often again. Well not to much going on here, just been kind of busy lately. I am getting up on the earlier side tomorrow. I have a ton of stuff to do in the morning. I'll post a longer entry tomorrow.

 its great.    2009-04-27 11:37:14 ET
it is such a nice day outside! currently on my porch while on my laptop. going to be going to the flea market to look for some old horror vhs tapes (and maybe some dvds if they have any)

 It's been a while    2009-04-10 16:01:38 ET
so i went to a horror film convention last week, it was only like 5 minutes away from my house. i go every year. anyways i got a ton of horror dvds, i have only watched one or two so far but tonight my friend adam and my brother mike are going to watch a few of them. the horror convention had SOOOOO much cool and weird stuff, i loved it.

the whether was weird here a few days ago. it snowed for a day or 2 a couple days ago. now it is spring whether again! it is crazy.
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