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  Danny Puke    Ohio
I am Dan. A member on here since 2006. I'm in a few bands. I'm into writing, and photography and recording music. I absolutely LOVE to read. I like spending hours in used book stores, record shops and coffee shops.

 Hi How Are You?     2021-12-18 20:35:20 ET
After a busy week of working not stop it is nice to finally have a day off to unwind. Spent the day listening to records and hardly left the house... I miss these kind of days.

 The new normal.     2020-03-24 09:52:01 ET
It’s amazing how much everything can change within days. I am going to use this time at home to be creative. Spending most of the day today writing and recording new music. It feels good to have time to create again.

     2019-12-05 22:15:34 ET
It’s nice to be back on here... I need to start posting more again.

 Can't sleep.    2013-07-04 23:42:01 ET
Its 4:30 AM, and I can't sleep. I figured I'd write a quick new entry. Wow so much has changed in my life since my last entry in here!!! It has been almost a year since I wrote in here last, which is weird because it doesn't seem like it has been that long! Wow time flies I guess. I should try getting back into the habit in writing on here more again.

There is so much I could write about, so much I could talk about on here that has happened in my life in less than a year, I don't know where to begin. My life is so different now.
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 Pretty good day.     2012-07-12 14:04:54 ET
I did an (almost) final mix on this new song I am working on. Been working on it for a while now, I keep on getting more and more ideas to add to it.
MUCH different then any other song I have ever recorded. SUPER excited for when it is all done! I got some GREAT Thai food today for dinner with the family. It was amazing! Yeah, it was a pretty good day all and all. Going to relax tonight and watch some movies.

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