Wow!!!!    2011-12-22 17:40:16 ET
Been way too long since i've gone on here!!! Gotta update this more often!!

 great times.    2010-12-08 17:30:47 ET
today was one of the most best times i have had in a while!!!! such a fun time with a good friend.

 Working    2010-03-03 17:53:21 ET
I am working on a film of mine. I think I finally have found all the right actors and actresses for it. I will post more about it when I we are further along in it.

 Pizza and a movie    2010-03-01 14:03:57 ET
I got a bunch of movies for tonight. Watching them with my friend Sammie tonight. We are getting a pizza too in a little bit.

I also took this picture the other day, check it out:

 Snow    2010-02-27 14:07:04 ET
I went record shopping at a bunch of places today. I found a ton of good stuff and also found some weird stuff. One record I bought is definitely from the 80's and it is made out of cardboard. It is a Halloween themed record. It tells a cheesy ghost story on it, It looks like it came from a old box of cereal or something. It is very weird. Anyways it has been snowing a here for about two days straight now. I don't think I am going out tonight. The roads are pretty bad. I am going to watch some movies tonight instead, I just got a bunch of DVDs I have bought recently but I haven't watched yet.

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