::stops reading for a moment::
2005-09-11 20:56:56 ET

I just realised that "slurping" of one's drink/beverage/whatever pisses me off beyond belief. I don't know why, but it is extremely annoying and bugs the hell out of me.

Also, Ann Coulter is a complete psycho bitch who needs to die.

that is all.

::goes back to reading about happy things like war::

2005-09-11 21:05:18 ET

The slurp means
scraping a straw around the corners of an empty cup?

2005-09-11 21:07:43 ET

Slurping is disgusting.

Chewing is disgusting.

People are disgusting.

2005-09-11 21:15:39 ET

isn't life wonderful

2005-09-12 09:43:30 ET

not really the straw...
It's more of the slowly slurp/sipping of the really full glass.

It's the sound with the lips, not the sucking of a straw.

urgh! skdgaljdytaig

2005-10-15 21:42:14 ET

Yeah...you should take their cup away and hit them with it!

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