slsk users are idiots.
2005-11-21 20:48:34 ET

this is too funny.
Note that I have roms shared. note that people NOT on my userlist can ONLY see my roms, and not the rest of my files (i.e. music). This guy i'm talking to is not on my user list.

(22:18) [BIPOLAR BEAR] yo wats my user name lol
[DarkSource] ...what?
(22:31) [BIPOLAR BEAR] nvm man
(22:32) [BIPOLAR BEAR] hey you got n64 roms?
[DarkSource] no, i have none
(22:33) [BIPOLAR BEAR] oh realy you got any roms?
[DarkSource] nope. none
(22:35) [BIPOLAR BEAR] damn
(22:35) [BIPOLAR BEAR] what do you got
[DarkSource] i don't have any files
(22:37) [BIPOLAR BEAR] it says you got 19 thousands files
[DarkSource] that must be a mistake.
[DarkSource] god is lying to you
(22:41) [BIPOLAR BEAR] nope lol
[DarkSource] oh, then slsk must be broken
[DarkSource] you should try reinstalling it
(22:41) [BIPOLAR BEAR] huh
(22:41) [BIPOLAR BEAR] lol'
[DarkSource] its actually all midget porn photos
(22:43) [BIPOLAR BEAR] liar
[DarkSource] no, i swear.
[DarkSource] if you're into that kind of thing, i got some with the midgets on stilts doing facials on normal chicks

2005-11-21 21:00:38 ET

You should never get someone's midget porn hopes up. >:O

2005-11-21 21:16:41 ET

tell him to email myspace cause its probably tom's fault.


2005-11-22 22:40:50 ET


man, it went on after that, and i started getting other people to mess with him. but i forgot to copy it before i closed slsk.

fun times :)

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