2003-11-07 19:49:42 ET

Arrr...such wonderful aggravation!

I found out tonight that this one girl I used to work with and had an ENORMOUS crush on (and never got to talk to 'cause she was a bookeeper) has had a crush on me for a long time. Once again, I gotta ask 'What the fuck is that shit?' I didn't think she even knew who I am.

So here's the aggravation. I was having a good ol' drunk time on the phone talkin' to my friend Hannah. Hannah is determined to get me to move in with her. So I told her, out of drunkeness (and out of the odds that I thought were totally against me) that I would move in with her if she could get me a date with Jackie. That's really cheesy right there...I said it just for the fuck of it.

Then she called me today and told me all this shit. And I'm like 'fuck.' Like, I don't wanna move back to Orange County, nor do I want to be a man not-of-his-word, nor do I wanna miss this opportunity to meet and get to know this girl who is pretty much the archtype of my desire. I mean, for real, this girl epitomizes.

I'm just gonna have to tell Hannah to relax, be quiet and hook it up for me. I mean, I don't wanna move out of Long Beach. I wanna move out of this apartment, but not out of this city. I love this city. I wanna build myself up in this city. It's diverse. It's cultural. Orange County has only one culture, the culture of American consumerism.

Anyways, whatever. Peace y'all.

2003-11-07 19:55:02 ET

oh man, she sounds great-- you are so lucky >:0 my crush, she is currently unavailable

2003-11-07 21:01:18 ET

that whole crush thing...happened to me once...normally though i'm right in thinking they don't know who i am so that kinda sucks.

but that's uber cool for you :) and i'm things will work out greatly

2003-11-08 08:58:15 ET

everyone has a crush on you,bitch

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