2003-11-13 19:08:47 ET

2003-11-13 19:12:26 ET


That's so great.

2003-11-13 19:43:07 ET

and now i go to bed laughing...that's almost as good as UnLabled's baby seal joke...

2003-11-13 19:43:50 ET

I loved that joke:

A baby seal...walks into a club

2003-11-13 19:45:56 ET

i told that joke to a friend of mine, and he is one of the only people who actually laughed right away...normally i get that "wha?" look from people...they don't get that that is the end of the joke

2003-11-13 19:47:07 ET

I'll admit...I did a double take.

2003-11-13 19:51:53 ET

i think it's a natural response for people to wait for the end of the joke cause most of those jokes go on

2003-11-14 03:23:44 ET

That's funny and makes me sad at the same time; awwwww.

2003-11-14 09:00:19 ET

i know.. that's so sad =D

what is that on his arm?

2003-11-14 09:00:40 ET

Nazi Arm Band

2003-11-14 09:06:43 ET

LMAO stupid bonehead..

poor dog. at least someone stopped him before he did it.
hmm i think i'm taking this comic too seriously.

2003-11-14 23:32:12 ET

Yo Rebelina, I questioned whether this comic would come across wrong to other users, but then I thought about the person who wrote the comic. It's like he knows that incorporating certain sensitive character-types and exploiting those types for the sake of humor is risky, but decides to anyways because stereo-types are really nonsensical. And this comic is really nonsensical anyway. Like, objectively, without any type of cultural filter, this comic makes virtually no sense. And that in and of itself is kinda funny. Hmmmm...I think I'm taking this comic too seriously.

Yo Kilted, are you, like, a racist skinhead or, like, a poser skinhead? For real, what is this need that you have to pronounce yourself as a skinhead? I'm just wondering because I'm interested, not because I'm trying to be condescending.

Here's another comic by the same guy:

2003-11-14 23:38:50 ET

I'm a skinhead punk. But there are more skinheads than just the stereotypical nazi skinheads. The original skinheads came from Mods. These mods realized that they would never be rich, that they'll always be working class and ditched the fedoras and trenches and started to play their own music which eventually became Oi! Well later on the British National Front adopted the skinhead look and music, but these guys were fuckin' white power and through their rallies and protests and crimes became infamous and soiled our good name.

If you actually checked, during the Nazi time, there were no German skinheads. Those boys were soldiers, looked, and had same roots as the brits and the canadians and us Americans.

Commonly there are 2 known types of Skins: Bones (Nazis) and SHARPs (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice). I'm a skin in the way that I don't go searching for bones to start a fight with, I'm who I am, I was raised working class, I drink, I like music, I have fun.

And I understand where you were coming from.

2003-11-15 09:43:52 ET

Yeah, skinheads have such a bad name, i think the media is largely responsible for focusing on the whole neo-nazi violence thing. Most people don't even realize that skinheads were around even before all that shit with the National Front started.

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