2002-12-27 11:37:01 ET

Ahhh...another meaningless x-mas passes by like a busted-ass 1986 orange-colored Toyota Celica with no muffler cruisin' at 38 mph down a dirt road in the middle of a totalitarian country somewhere in the middle of Africa.

My roomate got a PS2 with Grand Theft Auto 'Vice City.' That's the greatest video game I have ever experienced in my life.

I got some clothes, some books, some gift certifates, some other shit. I had a nice time with the folks. I got drunk and stoned two days in a row. So, all in all, it twas a merry Xmas.

Still, I had to tread land in the desert from which I came. God, that place is like fucking brain-damage. I hate it there. I don't want to return to that desolate asshole of a city for at least 5 months.

Hey, I'm trying to imagine some New Years resolutions. Any ideas? So far I got quit smoking (again), drink less (uhh), smoke less pot (not sure about that one), exercise at the gym, and skate. I haven't skated in like 3 months and I feel like a total loser.

Okay. So. Uh... I'm gonna try to think about constructive ideas today. Like building a house or making some art or 3-D rendering. My brain's been quite stagnant lately. Need to juice it up.

2002-12-27 12:24:30 ET

i know what you mean about constructive stuff, my brain is dry right now too

2002-12-29 13:52:18 ET

My roomate got a PS2 with Grand Theft Auto 'Vice City.' That's the greatest video game I have ever experienced in my life.

this comic book store i worked at had the coolest fucking thing in the window A NEON GTA VICE CITY SIGN. FUCKING HOT PINK 80S NEON.. R0x0r.

thats my new years resolution

2002-12-29 14:29:11 ET

your posting that everywhere arent you dbd

2002-12-29 18:10:22 ET

God worked at a comic store? I would so love to met you someday. You seem really fucking interesting. Please don't totally give up the boys...there's some okay ones....somewhere. Probably in Norway. Or maybe Thailand.

As far as the New Years thing, I'm just gonna respond to your page.

2002-12-29 19:42:23 ET

hehe cute

the comic book store was the best job i've ever had in my life
if i won the lottery id quit myjob and beg for my old one back. even if it was minimum wage.

i just bought a really great comic book called 'red star' image puts it out....

2002-12-29 19:43:45 ET

p9 - yeah its like putting skinny people pictures on the fridge when youre on a diet the more you remind yourself... the greater the chances of success

cant say that i like girls any more either. i guess i should amend it to 'no more people'

2002-12-29 19:49:19 ET

Yo...just got a nice gift certificate to the local shop, so I'll make sure to check that out.

2002-12-29 19:52:35 ET

y0 i just noticed a picture of an EL-p album in your bio

i got alec empire and el-p's 'shards of pol pottery' on vinyl

(alec empire>>atari teenage riot).. i reward you for your good taste sir

2002-12-29 19:58:41 ET

Thank you miss. Yes, I have heard and...well, I kinda like. I really dig Alec Empire though. He's fuckin' sexy. You know what you should check out if you want more of that El-P mixing with other styles of music is Techno Animal's song "We Can Build You." That's got El-P too. I don't know if you ever liked Godflesh, but if so, check that shit out. Even if not so, check that shit out. I think El-P is phenomenal. He, to me, perfectly expresses the sentiment of this modern day in more ways than one. It's a grand thing to me to listen to lyricists who produce everything that they talk over. It's like a whole complete unit.

Anyways, check out that Techno Animal song. You'll like it.

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