new years resolution
2002-12-29 11:57:44 ET


(Biomechanic here assures me that i can't quit:: I'm fired.)

no more. any time spent horsing around will now be spent being productive. and i get to find out who my real friends are.

Day 7 of no alcohol has spoken:

2002-12-29 11:59:33 ET

::dies laughing::

Good luck baby. . . any time you feel is extra now you're welcome to waste with your roommate. . .

2002-12-29 12:11:15 ET

Day 7 of no alcohol? No wonder you are speaing gibberish ;)

2002-12-29 12:12:04 ET

too bad for the boys!

2002-12-29 13:14:40 ET

BOYS QUIT YOU!!1!!!!!!!

2002-12-29 13:36:29 ET

U FIRED!!!!!!!

2002-12-29 13:41:36 ET

Ugh! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Well, if you quit *sigh*, I'll be forced to do with myself.

*dresses up in moose suit, marries a lobster and go lives peacfully on an island in the pacific*

2002-12-29 13:43:26 ET

::watches Eclipse go::

Good going dbd, swear off more often and we'll get rid of even more of them!

Yay for all girl islands...

2002-12-29 13:47:14 ET



*blink* *blink*


Uhm. Yeah. I go sleepy now.

2002-12-29 13:48:01 ET



2002-12-29 13:54:29 ET

hey what about me?!?!?!

2002-12-29 13:58:19 ET

::throws digit a dress and heels::

2002-12-29 14:12:46 ET

I don't think that you're part of the excluded group.
You transcend boyness. :)

2002-12-29 14:13:14 ET

so does the no drinkin include New Years? even exclude myself from the no drinkin spin for New Years. But if it does...good for you gurl. more power to ya. And furthermore, BOYS SUCK!!! we should kill them (just like we should kill the snow) :)

2002-12-29 14:16:13 ET



2002-12-29 14:16:43 ET

yeah i was considering new years to be the final fling. i dont doubt my willpower however because i survived batcave with no alcohol

2002-12-29 14:39:58 ET

ugh. even i couldn't do that. but yeah allow yourself the final fling.

2002-12-29 17:39:43 ET

awww, thankies storm: =)

2002-12-29 18:15:13 ET

I mean, I understand that boys are fucked up and all, BUT DON'T GIVE UP THE DRINK-DRINK! We got a nuclear war coming up, not to mention a severe recession. I know you already know this. All I'm saying is that I'm anticipating some fucked up shit, and my ass is gonna be drunk on Old English while my skin continues to eat itself away as I gaze upon the most spectacular atomic sunsets god has ever bestowed upon our punk-ass-human species.

(Plus, bullets don't hurt as much when you're seeing triple-vision)

2002-12-29 18:16:19 ET

Yeah, I think you qualify as an acceptable male presence, Digit.

And natually, I don't count, seeing as I'm not a boy, but a man. ;)

And yesterday was day 8, hon, don't sell yourself short.

You're more fun when you're not drunk.

<3 DbD

2002-12-29 18:17:22 ET

De Funkt, do you not realize the drink and the boys are connected? Come on, tell me it's easy to be celibate while drunk.... riiiight.

Boys are fucked up but I love them anyway - if only they could realize some of us still like them, even with their flaws.

Dok: you're killing me here! hahah a man! ::falls out of chair:: I mean, yeah technically, but you had to fucking say it... pfft.... ::dies:: hahahh </deathconditionlike enthusiasm>

2002-12-29 18:19:23 ET


2002-12-29 18:23:07 ET

Of course I realize that boys and booze are cohesive! And by this statement I mean both girl/boys and boys/boys.

Yo, but you're right. Boys are way too self-concience. We like to be technical (not that girls don't), or at least think we're being technical. I think that's the plus and minus of boyness. I'm a happy boy though. I think boys are totally capable of emotional depth and sensuality, which are things that I think boys don't get any credit for. I don't need credit 'cause I carry cash.

2002-12-29 18:24:05 ET

I think that they are capable but ashamed - makes a lot of difference...

2002-12-29 18:24:56 ET

Hmmm...very good point.

2002-12-29 18:28:05 ET

insomnia hit the naail on the head.

And, that was the point I was trying ot make. Boys are shamed. Men, real men, are not.

2002-12-29 18:29:03 ET


No shame.


2002-12-29 18:30:19 ET

Men are too. Who is not ashamed? Those modern-day "in touch with their feminine side sensitive men." So, uh, gay. And "nice guys."

2002-12-29 18:51:42 ET

Fuck that.

Emotional depth does not equal lameness. Neither does sensuality. These are good things.

Things that make good relationships and good friendships.

You can be a man, without being ashamed of all the aspects of your personality. Shame is a function of morality, and morality is a constuct of human societies. I refuse to define myself by what is external to me (i.e. societies), instead I define myself by what exists within me. Morality is for sheep. I am not one of the herd.

2002-12-29 19:14:38 ET

Morals...ethics...Aesthetics. Primary interests for me. Props if you're outside of all that, though I'm not sure if that is 100% possible unless you're Zen-steeze, or Hara Krsna, or maybe if you like watching American Idol (though I'd bet my life you don't).

2002-12-29 19:22:38 ET

well, I admit I'm not always above it, but that's the state i aspire to.

2002-12-29 19:36:34 ET

ooo aesthetics


the experience of beauty.

too often people bring out the ugly in each other; hence this post.

friends are a beautiful thing. (LOTR much:?)

2002-12-29 19:37:52 ET



2002-12-29 19:38:21 ET

glad youre home safe, bio =)

2002-12-29 19:41:17 ET

I'm glad you are both home safe.
I had really nice time tonight... nice to have intelligent people to rant about film with.
I get to do it so seldom now... people usually are just like... "oh there goes Storm..."
::eyes roll::
<3 <3

2002-12-29 19:45:22 ET

I had to kill like five people to get to the cab, though.

"Oh there goes Storm!!"

What makes a great movie is when it leaves you wanting more.

Kind of like in Atlas Shrugged where it goes "Who is John Galt?" and then the chapter ends.
I should finish the book.


2002-12-29 19:46:58 ET

I fucking love that book...
Ayn Rand Rox MY SOX
Machiavellian Capitalist KORE

2002-12-29 19:50:30 ET

if it was an intelligent conversation it was one sided

'dahhh my name is lorraine and i dont understand this movie.. D'oh!"

i guessed sixth sense before anyone else::to my credit, but only because it directly mimiced an xmen issue

2002-12-29 21:22:44 ET

omg ayn rand, is my hero....

we the living
atlas shrugged
all amazing

2002-12-30 04:00:09 ET

DbD - I guessed 6th sense too!! right from the top! What issue would that be..? Maybe I haven't realized it but it inspired my discovery too...

2002-12-30 05:18:49 ET

okay i understood Mullholland Drive but i didn't guess the ending of sixth sense. I'm never good at that stuff, that shit always catches me by suprise. But at least the sixth sense was better than signs.

2002-12-30 05:27:06 ET

"understood" Mulholland Drive..? What do you mean... There's more meaning than just... environment..atmosphere.. and a hollywood love story.. (of a sort)? I'm not sure you're SUPPOSED to understand Lynch in the narrative-classical sort of sense.

But I might be wrong. Do share your insight.

(oh, and signs sucked ass).

2002-12-30 05:55:23 ET

This might help, Eclipse...
Mulholland is actually largely narrative!! Shocking! :)
<3David Lynch<3

2002-12-30 06:01:32 ET

yes, for the most part.. Until that 'no aye banda' scene if I remember correctly.

I think I read an essay once about it... There was a whole theory which explained everything in the move... But I'm not sure that's the way it's intended to be understood. This is Lynch, afterall. :)

ADDENDUM: Yeah, you're talking about what I read - <SPOILER>that the whole first part of the movie is her fantasy world she dreams before killing herself. </SPOILER>

I'm still not sure it explains everything, plus, I think it's funner when it's enigmatic... But that's just me..

2002-12-30 06:04:31 ET

No hay banda.

Mira, hace cuatro aņos que estudio espaņol. ; )

2002-12-30 06:04:52 ET

But the "No Hay Banda" scene is significant as well...
Indicative of Diane's painful realization that everything that
she's idolized, cherished, aspired towards is really a cheap illusion.
I.E. - Camilla's Love, Hollywood fame, etc.
That scene with the singer - I even felt betrayed when I realized that she wasn't singing at all...
Amazing. ;)

(chingame in coulo, BioPapi)

2002-12-30 06:14:35 ET

err.. yono soy greengo, vivo el Israel. Yeah.

I replied on your post, no use contaminating DbD's thread with more rubbish. :) - - I didn't feel betrayed - -I thought that was ars poetica... I mean ,for christsake, it's a movie, of course there's no band. He's talking to us, kill the suspension of disbelief or whatever. Hmm. It's been a while since I saw that movie... I should see it again.

2002-12-30 12:08:07 ET

ahhhhahahaha!!!! what did you run out of boys??? ahahah!!!!

2002-12-30 12:08:25 ET

ok, ok, im sorry hah, buy you should be used to it by now!

2002-12-30 12:39:54 ET

DBD:: i quit boys
Death condition: blah blah blah i am a smart ass

the prosecution rests

2002-12-30 12:57:38 ET

hehehe! :P

2002-12-30 13:07:38 ET


yeah i might have an easier time quitting boys if they weren't
so goddamned cute


2002-12-30 13:13:08 ET

hehe your silly! you know im JOKING lorraine! if i dont bust your balls than who is going to do it for you?

2002-12-30 13:17:30 ET

insomnia of course. im beginning to wonder if you made her mean or if she was that way before. :p

you can bust my balls b/c your fucking funny:

2002-12-30 13:29:43 ET


2002-12-30 13:57:35 ET

i found it very liberating to realize that the control i have over myself is more important then the control i have over others...

good luck with the dry spell ;-)

2002-12-30 15:55:10 ET

::hightails it to NYC to take all the NYC.SK.KREW ladies out for dinner!::

you can dry out on das boys, but who says you can't have fun!


2002-12-30 18:26:32 ET

Say yes to the ladies.


2002-12-30 18:27:29 ET

mulholland drive has me sold:

mee freeking ow.


2002-12-30 18:28:17 ET

Hahaha... that's what some boobage will do to your impressionable brain.
Yes man.

2002-12-30 18:29:12 ET

corrupting me and bio. you should be ashamed

2002-12-30 18:31:11 ET

storm is the ultimate corruptor

2002-12-30 18:31:44 ET

I used to be so innocent before I met you guys.

2002-12-31 12:59:48 ET

::touches bio's man-boobs::

waitamminit I wasnt the one *ahem* consuming gradually more and more bed space as we were watchinh mulholland drive

2002-12-31 23:30:21 ET

*raises eyebrows* are we gonna see lil death bio designs soon?

2003-01-01 08:10:07 ET

Hahaha. Death bio Designs.

... why is everyone trying to get a piece of my manboobs?

2003-01-01 10:24:10 ET

because they are so succulent

2003-01-01 10:32:21 ET

And nubile!

2003-01-01 10:34:14 ET


2003-01-01 11:01:47 ET


2003-01-01 14:44:01 ET

::gross me out already::

bio you are a SLUT i am hearing about it right now!


2003-01-01 18:20:58 ET

Who told you such a thing? :[

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