Day 3
2003-02-02 19:40:22 ET

Day 3. I am not smoking cigerettes. Day 1, experiment; day 2, trial; day 3, verdict; day 4-5, settlement.


I'm interested in what anyone thinks about love. Any ideas whatsoever. What is love to you?

I'm trying to make certain adjustments to my minor lifestyle. I'm shooting for being a little less self-indulgant.

I've been speaking to an individual who is inadvertedly influencing me in positive ways.

I'm like feeling this constructive current flowing under me. I want to control my free-thought process a little better.

I think something is happening to me. A feeling supercedes me state of being, a feeling of renovation.

I'm listening to this one song that has some vocals by Les Nubian. It's making me feel really good right now.

2003-02-02 19:48:43 ET

I'm quitting too!!!

2003-02-02 19:53:40 ET

i think the word love is over used and people use it far too freely

to me, love twoards another person, is someone that i can see being a large part of my life till i die.

2003-02-02 20:01:51 ET

I think the word LOVE is underused... and used incorrectly.
I think there are so many kinds of love - agape AND eros...
I think that love should be something that we can feel more free to splash around more liberally - rather than hold close to us, like something we fear to give away.

2003-02-02 20:48:35 ET

i agree with storm.

there are many kinds of love, and you should feel free to give a little to anyone who intrigues you.

but for the big love, as it were... that's something that changes who you are as a person. Changes everything.

i think love, like all words, is a SYMBOL for something, not a CONTAINER for a concept. Words can not adequately contain concepts, merely represent or remind people of the larger ideas beyond them. The word love is an ICON representing an emotion, just like the little picture of the folder on my desktop represents the files that are inside it.

2003-02-02 21:22:00 ET is something everyone tries to achieve and only a few of the lucky ones ever truly do.
It will evade you until you are ready for it. Though sometimes it isn't ready either and it comes crashing down around you.
It's more than just a word if truly meant by someone, different for different people, but all in all it's a very special feeling that I hope to never feel again...

2003-02-03 04:39:08 ET

Nicely put, Dok - and a good evaluation of the nature of language, communication and symbology as well.
When things are reduced to blank semantics, we lose both an opportunity to dwell on the richness of a concept, but also the potential for the EVOLUTION of communication.

Our language is sadly lacking in rich specifics, especially in the case of emotive plans of action.

2003-02-03 05:34:30 ET

love is knowing and accepting little quirks and flaws taking into account the incredible person both parties are.
love is also knowing when to quit smoking. good luck to you and storm.

2003-02-03 07:40:39 ET

'emotive plans of action' I like that turn of phrase there, storm.

2003-02-03 08:19:43 ET

I love... therefore I do. :)

Not THAT way, you sickos.... *pfffft. :-0

2003-02-03 08:46:41 ET

i love, therefore, do me?


2003-02-03 09:19:35 ET

darlin' you need to make up a book of pickup lines.

2003-02-03 09:58:17 ET

i love, therefore, do me...that works...might have to inform some of my friends of that one..see if it actually works

2003-02-03 14:56:38 ET

iconography fascinates me... i think it's what makes dreams so fun, eh?

i love love... and there is obviously more then one kind of love... there's casual, erotic, ethereal, hardcore-anal, deep, mad, bizzarrez, etc.

but i don't think the point isn't the definition... because everyone keeps placing their own conceptualized meanings on that, and every other, word.

2003-02-04 06:10:36 ET

I'm interested of this sort of notion that love is what makes us human. It seems the idea of love serves as the justification for existence, and to embrace that sort of feeling is to fully come alive. So sayings like "I love, therefore I do" or "I love, therefore, do me" really work (especially the 2nd phrase, that of which I hope I get to use someday soon). It is so beautifully fortunate that we get to feel something like such. It's a feeling that seems legitimized in some way, and that's what kinda boggles my brain. Like, it doesn't feel fake, yet it is so open to interpretation, and so flexible in definition as well as application.

Okay, day 5 of no smoking is upon dat azz.

2003-02-05 04:31:51 ET

I think describing love is akin to describing ESP or spontanious combustion, or the "Sasquatch..." these are all things that exist but are too abstract or unbeliveable for us to wrap our heads around to be able to express linguistically. I think that is why the arts are so important to humans but we can't explain that either; dance, theatre, music, visuals, so forth...words are usually not even close to describing what love is. I think that is way we feel such a passionate and visceral need to protect art qand the arts, and why those are the elements of a culture that stand the test of time.

2003-02-05 13:02:36 ET

it is humanity's abstract qualities which raise us above the level of animals.

2003-02-06 13:21:18 ET

Si Doktor.

Words don't work well with abstraction, so it gets kinda hard. Or freeing your mind of the burden of thinking through words and language.

I guess the next thing is some ESP-type-shyte. What would happen to culture if we didn't communicate via our mouths (or ass)?

We should all drop some Yage and get psychic like Billy S. Burroughs. Then we can say "fuck this internet shit" and we could all just chill in dreamland.

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