Daniel's fucked-up Astro forecast for 2003
2003-03-27 20:32:01 ET

Sometimes it really sucks being a Cancer with a Pisces brain. I'm too emotional, too imaginative, too apt to fantasy. Most of all, I'm too fucking sensitive. Woe is me.

For evidence of my woe and infinite misfortune, I've supplied a bleek astrological rundown for 2003, brought to you in part by astro.com.

Here's one promise to myself and it's a promise that I've tried to maintain since last year. That promise is to NOT LET ANYONE FUCK WITH ME OR BREAK MY HEART. That being said...

OVERCONFIDENCE: (mar 23 to July 11)
-Inflated expectations
-Sudden disappointment
-Make sure to avoid emotional 'leeches'

-Thinking/communication are problem areas
-Speak clearily and carefully to others. Misunderstanding poses danger
-Beware of delusioned priciples

-Events may lead to meeting new people, travel, and gaining broader perspective
-Expect people who are good for you (YAY!)

FORESIGHT: (June 1 to June 14)
-Sharp Perception
-Foresight and long-range planning
-Good communication

and then...

-Relationships will be tested and those with no purpose shall die
-You will withdraw from others and evaluate yourself
-Any relationship that survives this time period is good for you

Okay, so my tiny little plan is to try to maintain emotional stability and deal with things accordingly. I need to work on certain things, but all in all, I think I can make this a good year. Just maintain and don't let other people trip me out.

Okay, so yo, I hope EVERYONE has a splendid year! HAPPY YEAR!!!

2003-03-27 20:33:39 ET

:stares at avatar:


i have a snorlax ball that makes snorlax noises on impact. it's the shizzz

2003-03-27 21:38:51 ET

Then technically I'm a Virgo with a Scorpio brain. :-)

Where does my ascendant fit in?

I'm going to do one of these on my page too.

2003-03-28 03:37:42 ET

now did you get this chart from the web or a book

2003-03-28 04:40:45 ET

Yea, you're new avatar is chewy :)
I had my chart done by my sister in law, but I forget everything about it...
I'm going to go check that damn site to see what the forecast is in my Libra world.
AND you have a fun year too, Senor!!!

2003-03-28 06:38:03 ET

Rust-so my avatar isn't totally bitch-slap worthy?

Sin-Antescendent is the rising, and as far as I can tell, it's what you project to others. It's what others see in you. So, I think it's inextricably tied to the sun and moon signs.

Cartoon-I got it from Astro.com. I recommend dat site. You gotta know the time of your birth. It's a nice site though...a lot of places charge for star charts.

Dan-You is a libra! That's good news. I wish I was just a Libra. I don't wanna be a cancer anymore.

My goodness...a rather portly, heavy-set man is climbing a ladder right outside of my window! I don't know if that's safe for him. He must weigh a good 300 pounds! It's windy too! 'Oh do be careful my portly good man.'

2003-03-28 06:42:25 ET

Be careful, ladder!
That site is a little too full of stuff for me to figure out...how can I get to the place where you got that forecast made?

2003-03-28 13:30:17 ET

I went to "my astro," filled out the info...then that's it! Actually, I got that info under the "FORECAST" category. Yeah...it's kinda confusing.

2003-03-29 07:43:57 ET

i am a capricorn...what is the personality type for a capricorn i wonder if it matches... hmm... i love astrology stuff but i never got into it. its okay to be sensitive...and overly imaginative :)

2003-03-29 14:04:15 ET

It's okay to be sensitive, but it's uncomfortable to sad. I've been under a spell of melancholy lately. I don't know what's wrong with me. =(

But yo! FUCK THAT SHYTE! It's sunny and I have no excuse to be sad. Therefore, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

2003-03-29 14:28:47 ET

theres probably nothing wrong with you. just that random spell of being pensive or sad...i get that sometime. Beautiful days always make me feel better!

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