Did you know that my last name is Miller? YUCK!
2003-03-29 14:37:23 ET

Yesterday was nice. My boy Aaron took me on a splendid tour of Long Beach. I'm down with that city. I'm down with the LBC for sure. It's like a positive mix of LA and OC. Fucking architecture down there is like DAMN! Downtown looks fucking splendid.

But yo, I think I sucked down one-too-many nitro balloons! HAAHAA(((insert flange/delay effect on laugh)))!!!

We got phazed-out. We hit up this one restaurant called Ambrosia. It was so fucking ill. So friendly. So nicely decorated with botanicals and soft lights. Awesome atmosphere. Our waiter asked if me and Aaron were on a date, and I was like, "Uh...yeah, like, a friend-date!" Then he proceeded to drop his digits on my azz, which, as always, flattered me and made me wish I was gay. He was a hottie, he was funny, and he made me feel comfortable.

"Dear heavenly father...please give me the power to wake up tommorow and become homosexual. Please grant me the mind set that will steer me towards men and away from women. Make me gay God. In Jesus' name, AMEN."

That's how it's done son.

Okay, sorry if that makes anyone feel kinda uncomfortable.

This Aceyalone is so fucking good. There's this song that starts with him saying "Today's Easter....so what?"


2003-03-29 14:42:38 ET

hahah glad you had a good time scoping out the gay boys. :P

i used to wish i could be gay so i could at least have an excuse to dress up super nice all the time. Maybe i should just move to the city.

heheh girls are wack ;)

2003-03-29 14:45:17 ET

have you heard that song i wish i was gay or something like that...lol
girls are wack...wait... =P i am girl you loser!! lol
I dotn understand why a guy would wish he was gay if he was straiht. i have nothing against gay people but lol ahhh im confused..
you know sublime is from long beach and sublime w/o bradley is from long beach. i think they are called long beach double all stars

2003-03-29 14:48:07 ET

lol never thought of it like that
i always end up falling for guys who turn out gay...
well sometimes...

2003-03-29 14:50:29 ET

Gay guys got it goin on and that's that. They, in a way, justify manhood. They make it likable and not detestable. This is an over-generalization and a biased perspective, but you know what I'm sayin...

Sublime...I saw Sublime back in, like, '96, at this one nasty-ass punk club in this place called the 'high desert' which is perhaps the nastiest part of the entire Southern California region. I never liked Sublime at all, so it didn't matter to me one way or another. So many people LOVE Sublime even still. I've never understood it. I think my aunt Kiersten said she got laid by that one Brad guy.

It's a small world isn'......wait, THIS WORLD IS FUCKING ENORMOUS!!!

2003-03-29 14:51:58 ET

lol sublime is big in flroida but some of their music is blah lol but hey whatever floats boats...lol but i was just letting you know .lol

2003-03-29 14:53:52 ET

See...why the fuck is Sublime big in Florida still? They're alright, but, for real, what is it?

Just another one of those things that I will never be able to comprehend.

2003-03-29 15:03:19 ET

me either...
they fill me with blahness and they dont rock my stars let alone my socks...

2003-03-29 17:32:03 ET

i think the song you're talking about is a bloodhound gang song, i wish i was gay so i could get chics. great song, because it's true. my best friend mack is the man. totally gay, but he can go up to any girl at the club and feel them up, like it was nothing. very odd guy, loves boys, but has a breast fetish. i guess i don't blame him.

i was supposed to go hang out in long beach tonight at my friend's new place, but too tired, so i'm staying in and watching blade runner.

2003-03-29 18:00:56 ET

Well, his name is Mack, right?

Mmmmm...what a delicious idea...a night in with Bladerunner sounds really good! I think I may just walk my little ass to the video store and get me a movie. Get cozy.

I'm really out of life right now. Don't know what it is.

2003-03-29 20:33:27 ET

hehe..yes it's short for Mackinley, i prefer to just call him daddy.

feel the same way. i know mine stems from being overworked, and not having enough alone time, so i'm shutting myself in, til i feel social again. eh, if you lived closer, i'd invite you to be anti-social with me, it'd save you the trip to the video store;)

2003-03-30 08:19:29 ET

yea its bloodhoud gang..

2003-03-30 13:14:21 ET

i've often prayed that "please let me wake up gay" prayer. For the looooongest time i could get NO attention from guys but all the attention in the world from the ladies. And not just any ladies, sexy bondage model ladies. Very strange. Go figure?!

2003-03-30 13:34:13 ET


2003-03-30 18:55:35 ET

Yo belmont, you know what I'm sayin. I get hot guys wanting to know me, and I really want to know them too 'cause they're cool as fuck, but I'm afraid of leading anyone on. Also, it's like, I don't mind getting down with boys, but I'm not into actually being with a guy at all, like, relationship-style. I don't want to play with peoples emotions or send mixed signals. So, in the end, I do nothing but sit at home and smoke pot and listen to hip-hop and play Grand Theft Auto.

Woe is me! =(
I'm so lonely!

Sinthetik: I think we should meet up someday soon! I need to visit the Inland Empire soon here. I don't know why exactly, but uh...............

2003-03-30 19:09:22 ET

yeah, the one girl asked me to a movie and i freaked out. 1) because i was at work and that kind of threw me off 2) because i would have loved to hang out with her, but as you said, nobody wants to lead people on. That's no good. Ahh me.

2003-03-30 19:14:40 ET

I had this one guy ask me out while I was working AT A TOY STORE during Xmas. I was like 1)you look like a football player guy and 2)what the fuck you think you're doing waiting in this big-ass line just to buy some shit you don't need so you can ask me out? That's cute, but in a stupid-ass kind of way. Maybe I'm being harsh


(I need to quit it on the smile face!)

2003-03-30 19:15:24 ET

no dont quit. its happieeee.

2003-03-30 19:18:10 ET

i need all the happy charms I can get right now.

I'm all blah blah blah right now...

=D soon to be +D

2003-03-30 19:19:33 ET


is he sleepy or dead? hehe.

2003-03-30 19:20:22 ET

He's brain-dead.

2003-03-30 19:21:27 ET

hah, well thats no good!

2003-03-30 19:49:19 ET

hmmm..well my spring break is coming up in a couple of weeks, i have a friend in long beach to visit, and a few friends in brea, maybe we could hang out then;)

2003-03-30 19:50:28 ET

Yo, just give me a call =D

2003-03-30 19:50:42 ET

Oh wait, I mean +D

2003-03-30 19:51:44 ET

i will do that;)

2003-03-31 09:19:32 ET

"I wish I was queer-
So I can get chicks!
Chicks-dig guys who are
Queer-Guys that don't dig chicks!"
maybe just pray for bisexuality for twice as much fun :P

2003-04-07 11:01:58 ET

c0q rulez

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