A post about sadness and bicycles
2003-03-30 19:35:50 ET

Boy-oh-boy do I feel sad.

Intitally my intentions were to travel long-distances via plane, but now I'm kinda thinking I should save up for a really good bike. I've been checking out this bike shop, and I talked to the guy who runs it and he said he'd hook me up with a really legit 3-4 month lay-away plan. That'd be really nice.

I wanna get to the point where I can ride to Los Angeles and the beach. LA is like 30-40 miles from here. One way, it can be done, on a good bike. The beach is like 20 miles. I wanna eat miles of land!

I just want to sweat and thrust and force all this stagnation away. I got a bike right now, but it can't handle jumping curbs and what-not. It's a girl's Huffy bike, so you know the deal there. My friend is letting me borrow it.

I love to explore. It's my favorite method of spending time. When your eyes are feasting and your senses are feeling and your imagination is totally stimulated. And this is quite the land I live in, this Southern California region, these OC/LA counties.

On a bike, you can cruise gang neighborhoods, rich neighborhoods, shopping centers, mountains, forests, busy fucked-up streets and sidewalks, ALLEYWAYS!

I was totally in love with this one girl Jessica LAST YEAR and she always talked about how hardcore she loved bikes and how bike messangers make her heart pound. It's funny 'cause now I can totally see her point and actually want to aspire to that, not necessarily to be a bike messanger, but to ride hardcore on urban streets, with cars and shit, fighting traffic and getting rugged.

It makes me happy just thinking about it!

So yo, I guess it's obvious what I need to do. Next paycheck, we 'bout to get this lay-away started.

2003-03-30 19:38:55 ET

I got a cheap huffy bike. It's alot of fun.

2003-03-30 19:44:28 ET

This bike my friend Hannah is letting be borrow is fun too, but it's all fucked up 'cause I ride it too hard. You know, it's like skipping gears and doing all this crazy shit. Blah...funny thing is I know she's gonna bitch me out about it! Oh well! her step-mom let her borrow it, and now I'm borrowing it from her. Kinda funky.

2003-03-30 20:03:52 ET

wait, but why are you sad? everything sounds great.

2003-03-30 21:11:11 ET

and you cant be sad. You have that creepy baby doll thingy!

(he looks kind of mean, whats his deal?)

2003-03-31 05:37:30 ET

That sounds precious. I know what you mean about exploring; California has some of the best places to explore. I used to bike, rollarblade, walk, ride horses, whatever back in the day and have like hours of fun. Here is Chicago, I get bored after being outside for like 10 minutes. M,y boyfriend and I went on a suburban adventure on Saturday, and as we were driing around for 2 hours, I realized that the most of the midwest is literally a wasteland. It is a flat, uninspired, tedious part of the country. Why does anyone live here? I only came here for college; what the fuck is wrong with the people out here?
**I can't wait to move**

2003-03-31 12:21:49 ET

that was a beautiful entry :)

2003-03-31 12:45:01 ET

who wants to dance naked!? read my latest entry to find out thatll make you feel better ;)

2003-04-03 04:23:15 ET

man, your laid-back lively attitude inspires me.
Reminds me of one of those GTA default citizens that walk around on the beach back and forth all day. You live that life...in a very good way.

I think if I was any of the GTA characters, I'm one of those who gets fucked or gets their heads pulled out.

2003-04-03 08:40:37 ET

yeah, daniel HAS been playing GTA a lot lately, damn it daniel, you are so impressionable....lol..

2003-04-07 15:38:09 ET

bike..jess......san francisco...bike....jess.......jess.

i win.

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