"It may all end tomorrow or it could go on forever (in which case: I'm doomed)"
2003-04-24 18:12:53 ET

Ladies and labias, it is my pleasure to announce that I am back on thy internet. AND IT FEELS SO FUCKING...anti-climactic...but yo.

Hmmm...interesting day. Lots of travel, which I like very much. I've learned the way of the bus systems outside of Orange County, something that I am very proud of. I now feel as though I can get to a lot more places.

And I hung out with Jessica (aka Psuedo) for about two seconds. No...that's not true, but it felt like two seconds. Actually, I'm feeling really sad right now. It's so hard to activate things instantaneously with people who live so far away. They're like right in front of your face for only a minute and you just want to swallow them before they run away. I can't swallow her cause I'm not like one of those snakes who can eat a donkey, but I would definately try. There was no time, no time at all.

I don't give a fuck though. Jessica could have said "I can only hang out for ten minutes" and I still would have gone through the effort.

I saw an old friend of mine too...this one girl named Roxanne. Really random shit. I was at the bar inside of Applebees (a shitty hellhole of a 'fun-spirited, family-oriented' restaurant) drinking a martini and she was just right there with her grandma-ma, who kindly offered to buy me lunch. Fucking awesome.

Anyways. I'm gonna drink a lot of beer right now 'cause I feel really blue and don't know what to do. Woe. Tons of woe. A whole fuckload of woe. So much woe that even the entire earth couldn't hold the woe.

2003-04-24 18:20:13 ET

no matter what you FOOKIN rock for drinking a martini let alone a martini at applebee's

2003-04-24 18:51:18 ET

Piss the woe away, yo.

PS. Glad to see me and syntheticdream aren't the only astrology nerds around. :)

2003-04-25 04:14:53 ET

E'llo, e'llo! Nice to see you back! I agree with likenooneelse; drinking a martini at Applebee's is definetly anti-establishment :)
I'm sorry you are sad, want a hug? **fake internet hug that doesn't really do anything but stimulate a neather region of your brain into realizing that a real hug would happen if this weren't a land of computers**

2003-04-25 04:33:50 ET

welcome back! hehe

2003-04-25 10:01:31 ET

Thanks for the props on the martini business! I'm going through a phase of Gin martini drinking and I think it just may last for the rest of my life.

You're right though...I need to piss the woe away. I'm tired of going through sad cycles...I don't want this time frame to be a repeat of the cycle of blue that I've been weaving in and out of this year.

And thanks for the hugs Danny!

2003-04-25 10:10:08 ET

:0) modern day james bond.

2003-04-27 12:41:17 ET

piss the woe might be better than drinking it away.

maybe it all leads to one or the other?

2003-04-29 06:56:08 ET

Maybe drinking the woe might be better than pissing it away?Perhaps drinking the piss might do away with the woe entirely.

To update, I did drink a lot that night and my woe DID GO AWAY! YAY!!! Alcohol works like a charm! No, actually, me and my friend J Mills had a fabulous night of laughter. Like, up till 4:00am Friday morning laughing those hardcore laughs where you aren't making anymore sound, like just a repeatative click sound, know what I mean? Like, your face is in one position and you just sort of convulse in this intense state of fantastic happiness. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? RARRRRR!!!!!

I wish I could phrase laughter in onamonapoetic terms. 'Haahaa!' is good, but it could use some improvement.

2003-04-29 08:24:24 ET

Cool. Glad your feeling better at least.:) I do know that kind of laughter....it's the best medicine.

Which Roxanne? Not Roxanne Garcia?

2003-04-29 11:35:32 ET

Si Senorita! Roxanne Garcia. I was like "wha!" I know she used to live in West Covina, but she's been in hell (I think you know which 'hell' I'm refering to) for like a year or some shit. She has a baby, and da baby ish sho fucking cute! She's not married though...which is good.

Oh, Cambria, I totally know how to get to Riverside now via bus! Like, I don't even have to use the Metrolink! Isn't that fabulous? One day I think I might venture to your neck of the woods. Si?

2003-04-30 08:47:42 ET

Woah! It's so wierd that we have both run into her randomly. I mean how many freaking people are in the world!? When I was working at Hot Snoppic at the West Co Plaz she waltzed in and asked for an app. lol She told me she had lived in Cambria for a while but moved back out here. She did tell me she had a baby too. I never pictured her....nor can now... as a mother. Did you get her phone number?

wOOt! That is fab. You definately must!:D

2003-04-30 08:53:32 ET

I did get her phone #. I can pm it to ya if you like. That Hot Topic down there sucks. Wait, Hot Topics EVERYWHERE suck! Haahaa...foolish me for singling one out. No, but yeah, I can get to your house. And you got oppourtune days off. I'm anticipating, when this semester ends, to delay telling my boss for a while so I can still have TUE/THR off. If I do go, I may be drunk. I love to drink hard liqour mixed with Gateraide. It's totally concealled and you don't get dehydrated!

Therefore, I can have ample piss to irradicate my ample woe. Everything functions in perfect harmony, doesn't it?

2003-04-30 09:03:12 ET

That would be cool. I love to randomly call people I haven't talked to in a long time. They have so much stored up to say!

Yes they all do suck! Although the one in West Co. is the only one that makes me tempted to stop in....and kick some ass when I pass by it on the freeway. The store manager there (if it's still Heather) is evil beyond belief. Ofcourse if I learned anything from the 80's it should have been that Heathers are evil and I shouldn't have agreed to work there in the first place.

Turning into quite the alkie huh? Boozing it up on public transpo now too?;p

2003-04-30 09:09:53 ET

No shit! That's how it sounds, but actually, I haven't been hitting it up that much lately, just thinking about it (YUCK!)

I love drinking and driving. I don't like to be the one driving, but being the passenger watching the world pass by in a soft state of bliss is totally the best. Good for long trips. Great when you got other people with you.

And I don't feel bad either. If there's a designated driver, I don't see the problem. If fuck faces in limos and RVs can booze it on the road, then why can't I?

God, but yo, enough alkie talk. I feel stinky now.

2003-04-30 09:33:50 ET

lol....that's cool. I love watching the world pass by in a drunken state of bliss as well. I was just teasing ya!;) Don't feel stinky!

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