2003-04-30 09:05:35 ET

I dreamed this archaic shit:

Hear to me, hear to them;
Hear to deafness since then when.

That was when my grandma and my great-grandma where discussing, in a light-hearted comical way, the draining mechanism for a tower, as in a tower that you might find on a castle.

Good dreams. But I got bitten by a spider as I stood around a bunch of new Marine recruits who where engaged in prayer. Is this a bad thing?

Today is a good day.

2003-04-30 09:42:20 ET

The first bit sounds amazing! I wish I could remember more of my dreams lately.

I don't know about that being a bad thing. Strange though. Have you encountered anything in you awakened state lately that you think could have triggered thoughts of spiders and marines?

2003-04-30 10:13:03 ET

it's gorgeous out right now! lately my dreams consist of by products of social anxiety.
here's the latest one:
I don't know how, but I was in a beauty pageant. The day of, I'm in the center of a huge shopping mall when the bomb hits me, namely, I have not prepared at all for this pageant, no dress, no 'talent' nothing. Then, I learn that I failed my final for cataloging, and therefore, the class itself. From there, I'm trying to get out of the mall only it is closed off and balloons are being thrust into my hands.

2003-04-30 10:45:42 ET

Today is a good day.
Did you even not have to use your AK?

2003-04-30 11:24:51 ET

what kind of spider

2003-04-30 16:39:52 ET

today is not 5-1-03 so whyd you put that in your picture of the asian girl?

silly boy.

2003-05-01 14:02:53 ET

You know what Danny, I didn't! I actually let it stay home for once! (By the way...that song is seriously one of my all-time faves. I know it's straight gangsta, but the music is so fucking beautiful! [The main sample in that song is from an Isley Bros song from the 70s, if I'm not mistaken])

Suede: I've been ahead one day all this week. I'm like futuristic.

Odd: Uh...the spider was this juicy, but not too big, black spider with yellow stripes down its back. I think it came from Australia.

(I'm still thinking of that dream. What a great dream that was.)

My friend and I were talking about dreams and what they mean and blah blah blah...and a really interesting perspective came from him that dreams are a domain where the series of interelated objects that construct your personality communicate with each other, reassign positions, and organize. That's why elements in dreams, while seemingly random, often carry a profound significance that is near-impossible to relate outside of yourself.
(I love the idea of a person being a chain of objects-albeit hella-Fruedian)

My friend, who is one of the most spiritually interested and aware people I know, says that since he started taking a full interest into dream analysis, his dreams have become more complex and more logical. He says his dreams contain numbers and hebrew text as well as versus from the Qaballah (sp?). That's fucking ill shit right there.

When I lived in a house not too long ago, I had dreams of beautiful women almost every night! Like, every woman that I've ever been attracted to, and then some! I woke up with a smile on my face every morning! I don't have those dreams anymore. Now I dream of castles and my grandma and songs from Roots Manuva.

Love dreams are the best! That's where my true love exists.

2003-05-02 03:15:32 ET

i think you mean the cabala-i'm reading a book on occultism for a short story i want to write. The sect is supposedly very mysterious-only a few initiates are passed on the vital information, and only by word of mouth. there are some very stringent breathing excercises. basically, what you have to do is get your body into a very rigid position, inhale for ten seconds, exhale for 20, then hold the breath for 30. keep in mind, you have to train yourself to breathe as normally as you are now with these steps.

2003-05-02 04:08:46 ET

Madonna practices Kabala.

2003-05-02 06:57:02 ET

dumb off topic question, just how is cabala actually spelled. I've seen both danpratt's and defunkt's spellings before, but my book spells it cabala.

2003-05-02 07:17:50 ET

I've only seen Kabala, but since the word it's self is a translations from Hebrew to the Latin alphabet, it probabley doesn't matter.

2003-05-02 14:09:42 ET

if youre futuristic can you tell what is going to happen to be tomorrow>?

2003-05-05 04:13:05 ET

hmmmmm....it will be sunny out! really!
ok, not futuristic, only addicted to weather.com

2003-05-06 08:42:17 ET

Okay...let me concentrate...you will start to feel better, and after a satisfying day full of accomplishment, you may get a strong impulse to give Daniel a call. If this is the case, don't hesitate...just go with the flow. The weather may not be to your liking...but this won't reflect on your mood. You will feel new.

2003-05-08 13:45:24 ET

Hmmm...so I am starting to see that my psychic powers aren't as strong as when I was a youth.

Oh, the psychic days of yore...I made a lot of money then. Then I high school hit, and it seemed my psychic powers began to fade. I think it had to do with pot.

But now that I think about it, i'd rather smoke pot than see into the future.

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