2003-05-06 14:31:20 ET

This is the greatest singles ad I've ever seen (culled from OC Weekly):

"POOR, TALL, PRETTY blonde SWF, seeks similar young, tall, kind, poor, man, 20s-30s."

I think that's the most charming thing I've read in a long time. God bless that girl.

2003-05-06 14:33:55 ET


2003-05-06 14:47:43 ET

Hmmmm? Don't you think that's fabulous?

2003-05-06 14:58:16 ET

Awww, I like that too.
I have the best personals ad ever on my refridgerator; I found it about 2 years ago:
SWPM, 5'9", 215lbs., handsom, educated, caring and romantic, with an unpredictable sense of humor. I enjoy a variaty of activities and excel at providing intimate pleasures.

There is a little more, but that's all you guys need to know to realize how awesome it is. Two years I've had this shitty little piece of paper just because I want people, when they come over and try to steal my soda, to read that ad and smile.

2003-05-07 03:12:34 ET

awwwww.....that is so much sweeter than some of the personal ads I found.

2003-05-08 12:04:30 ET

i don't know what to think..

2003-05-09 09:20:41 ET

Here's another one that, while charming in its own way, is actually really kinda smelly:

"GF, 25, 200lbs, black hair, goatee, looking for a spontaneous, casual woman, 30-40, who knows how to have fun!"

Ain't nuthin wrong with bein gay or 200lbs, and I even don't care if a girl chooses not to shave her armpits/legs...I can dig, 'cause I don't want to shave those regions either, but A GOATEE? I mean, come on now. That sucks. FACIAL HAIR on girls is a bit too much for me. Call me Victorian.

....no, I mean it...CALL ME VICTORIAN!

2003-05-09 09:23:29 ET

I actually had to read it over again because I was like, "Wait a second...."
what about my guy though? He rules! 215 at 5'9"? The dude is totally overweight, but he still made an ad like a lady-killer, hahha :)

2003-05-09 09:29:56 ET

Hell yeah. It's one thing to ponder the person who submitted the ad, but it is much more adventurous to try to fathom who might respond. Plus the guy provides intimate pleasure like it was second-nature, like serving you food or bringing you the remote control. When you kinda think about these things a little deeper, you kinda start to see a different side and things get a little....dare I say...EXCITING!

(I meant that last portion to be in the color of neon yellow with a turqoise border around each letter.)

2003-05-09 09:38:31 ET

I meant that last portion to be in the color of neon yellow with a turqoise border around each letter

2003-05-12 11:02:43 ET

damn,that's deep.

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