2003-06-04 07:39:50 ET

I don't know how anyone can sit and watch TV for more than 20 minutes. That shit is so fucking stupid and annoying! I mean, TV really fucking sucks.

Sometimes I give TV a shot. I say to myself "hey, it's been a couple of months, why not watch some TV while I eat dinner," but that shit don't last. Motherfuckers on stupid fucking commercials talking all sorts of nonesense to me, trying to attract funny is that? It's's fucking dumb. I'd rather watch a dog relieve itself on a tree. Or watch snails fuck. There's spirituality in that.

TV reminds me of how fucking fake beauty is. FUCK BEAUTY. The greatest commodities of existence are infinatly plentiful and beautiful beyond vanity.

Now we got reality shows where these people live out the ambitions of the populace of America who feel too inferior to 'the beautiful people' to pursue their own desire. They're too scared and too sad because they're not PRETTY, they're not BEAUTIFUL, they're not RICH, AFFLUENT, FUNNY, SEXY. They don't feel deserving. But those cunts on the television, they're deserving. They deserve all that they get: cars, fame, money, arrogance. They're allowed to have all that 'cause they're PRETTY. Fuck pretty. Fuck beautifuL.

So yeah, cop-out or drop-out? Fuckin' Drop-out, and proud. Pro-Proletariat.

2003-06-04 07:43:01 ET

t.v. is boring. i know what you are saying. and some people dont see beauty in things beyond vanity like you or i do. what can you do?

2003-06-04 07:44:03 ET

Some of the shows in the evening are all right.

But the daytime tv soapopera shit, the Rikki Lake's featuring fat 12 year olds with their *3rd* child, then in the evening that shit like American Idol.. that does kinda turn me off to tv. :/

2003-06-04 07:44:36 ET

the problem isnt tv itself its the people who approve what goes on the air.they figure if one thing works then we'll try and use it for all its worth.

just like talk shows were all that was on during the day at one point and now its down to like sure those "reality tv" shows will hopefully fade soon. theres worth while shows to watch but they either get cancelled or they put them on at a time that nobodys watching.

2003-06-04 07:47:48 ET

yeah I always skip straight to the movie channels.

2003-06-04 08:07:49 ET

Subjectively, TV is of-the-hook disgusting, but to consider the whole act objectively is something as well. You sit before a box which shows flashing pictures and amplified sound-effects. Thing is, you don't dance, you don't move, you just sit, sit, laugh on occasion, have's fucking BORING!

Here's a little Tim Leary quote:
"Your head is a cosmic TV show, baby...It's your head, baby, and it's 2 billion years old, and it's got every control switch that GE and IBM ever thought of and a million more, and it's hooked up in direct connection to Central Broadcasting Station WDNA, and you had better learn to treasure it NOW, because it's planned by the Great Cartel Monopoly Benevolent Corporation, blueprint designer for planned obsolescence every 70 years, and there's no rewind and/or instant replay, baby, so turn on, tune in, DROP OUT NOW!"

2003-06-04 08:19:56 ET

i like tv and im facinated by it BUT its to be used in a certain way.if your gonna use it as entertainment,education, or a form of relaxation then thats fine.

this is probably where everyone will lose respect for be but oh well:

all my life i've enjoyed tv.for four years i spent every single wed night from 8-9 watching dawsons creek. i never missed an episode and you werent allowed to talk to me during the show.i wasted 4 years of my life sitting in front of a tv. instead of me going out and doing regular h.s. i convinced myself that watching dawsons creek was a way of living out my life through the is amazing but when you let yourself get sucked into something then thats when tv is bad.

2003-06-04 08:28:02 ET

Likewise, this is probably where every will lose respect for my dispicable-ass:

-I too am a former Dawson's Creek addict. THAT'S RIGHT! I used to tune in every weds night as well. I was enthralled. Can't say why just happenend.

I'm a recovering addict. Everyday is a struggle. But with the help of my regular dosage of THC, I'll be able to conquer this terrible affliction.

No, that was a couple years back. I'm a recovering Ricki addict and, honestly, I still have issues.

Education though? Really? I guess you're right, it is education, a mis-education.

2003-06-04 08:30:51 ET

i hate tv....

2003-06-04 08:31:16 ET

die die die die die die die die die die die die die die TV DIE!!!

2003-06-04 08:33:12 ET

reasons tv is educational:

i realized from watching tv that kathy lee is evil.
that kissing a boy cant get you pregnant
those dreams when your naked in front of your class is normal
(wonder years episode)

2003-06-04 08:34:00 ET

i learned from tv that the dude from smallville is hott
and thats it

2003-06-04 08:34:28 ET

Mis-education accounts for, like, 90% of relevant knowledge.

I learned from TV that if you have any blemishes on your face or extra weight on your body, YOU'RE UGLY AS HELL AND SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED TO BE ALIVE! I also learned that everyone that lives in the middle east is ugly, has lots of zits, and are fat, and should therefore be killed.

2003-06-04 08:35:02 ET

which one are you referring to?

2003-06-04 08:46:31 ET

i agree with you there.ive learned that im mexican and i belong to a gang despite the fact that im puertorican and dominican and the only thing i know nothing about gangs.

2003-06-04 11:15:24 ET

my name is Lisa and I am addicted to Law and Order.

2003-06-05 09:38:36 ET

I love when you talk passionately about something you dislike, Senor DeFunkt...your opinions have a far more stable foundation than many, especially under the pressure of the meotions aroused when disliking something.
I get really emotional when I dislike something becomes hard to think straight.

I full on admit that I have been an Unsolved Mysteries fanatic since the show first aired. Now Stack is dead though and there goes that :(
I agree with miss LNOE however---television is not the problem; a combination of what the corperations and media are force feeding us coupled with the response the American public gives is the problem. It reminds me of Fahrenheit 451 sometimes.
I personally feel ther is a lot of benifit in television if you seek out the right programming. It's just a shame that the right programming is inexonerabley linked with being able to afford premium cable, and there in lies the rub: the average public is being denied the right to choose worth-while programing. There are channels that only show live operas and theatre, live programming too. Thre are also channels that keep classic cinema alive, and other channels that allow us to see independant films that we may otherwise not be aware of. If I ever get hugley powerful, I will demand that all basic cable become reduced to channels such as these. I take a Sartre-ian philosophy on's ones responsibility what they choose to watch and cannot allow themselves to feel victimised about it.

2003-06-05 09:41:13 ET

you say it so well. thank you.

2003-06-05 10:19:56 ET

Yo Danny, you know I got your back whenever you decide to kick Rupert Murdoch's bitch-ass! I'll pack a screw-driver and shank 'em in the eye! YES! =)

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