god damn i love hawthorne heights right now!!!!!!    2007-05-24 05:27:12 ET
WHat can i say, im in a cheesy mood. HAHA
So the summer formal was a blast. Im not much of the brotherhood craze of hardcore, but the bands that are in that sect are so fun live. Black my heart i cant stand in the stereo, but on stage i was raging and doing pile ons like a mug. Death before dishonor always rules. Good time though i did fuck up my knee pretty bad. Whilst swinging my arms like an idiot, i came down on my leg wrong, and hyperextended it bad. I limped out. sat down, said the f word a few times, and decided not to be bitch and go have more fun. BAD CHOICE. my shit still hurts. Oh a band i had never that was nothing short of epic. Colin of Arabia, bad brains cover was sick. Of course fight like hell raged it as well. I mean they always do. Even though they are hometown heroes they really are one of my favorite hardcore bands. That show was good times.

On another note, my jaw surgery(to move my lower jaw back and upper jaw forward) should be taking place in the next year. I need my wisdom teeth out and anytime after that we can start on my jaw surgery. Ill have to relearn how to talk, but i know i have the support and love to get through that shit. And it will be for the best. BTW i basically wont be able to eat anything but a puree diet for like a month or two. swimmer body here i come. hahahahahaha.
EDIT: I HAVE A POWERFUL LUST for banana pancakes, anybody makes a Jack Johnson referance they are getting PUNCHED
SOUND: Hawthorne Heights- Wake Up Call (FUCK YEAH)

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