FUCK SHOWERS    2007-05-20 20:03:00 ET
Hesh fest 2007
so i went to denver to see cdc. got in a wreck, drove my fucked ass car to denver, rode my bike to the show with phil. CDC was lame. punched girls in the boobs, and kicked them in the box. Michelle met me at the show, we raged to thornton, rages to downtown, ate gnarl ass nachos, went back the dollhouse, i raged the couch. SHower in Early morning
drove to try and fix my car, got gnarl riding my bike all the way up colorado, stopped at a coffee shop, stole internet, macked this bitch. Got wahoos with josh, went back to mechanic, no fixed car, drove broke ass car to dollhouse. Went downtown, tried to mack joshs girl, got some za at two fisted. met random ass gay dude isra(dude was TIGHT AS FUCK) raged back to dollhouse, surfed interweb, surfed the couch NO SHOWER
Woke up, surfed interweb, took shower with a jar because water sprayed out the wall, not the showerhead. got going to get car fixed, rode bike six miles to downtown to see bobby, bobby was gone, saw emma and jason, raged with thier puppy, went to two fisted,had two slices, saw front tire got a thorn and was flat, got a ride back to dollhouse. surfed interweb, got seth, was a creep to this bitch im trying to mack (oops). DOLLHOUSE went to get this crazy bitch, i drove jasons car while he got a BEEEEEEEEJ in the backseat. When to a party, found a better party and watched everyone get wasted, went to girls dorm room, left disaponted, watched josh stumble out of this hos room. Parked in an alley, stole keg shell from said dudebro party. went home, ate foods, surfed the couch. BUCKET SHOWER
Day 4
Woke up, surfed interweb, raged safeway. Got sprayed down in the yard with a hose and a bar of soap with nothing but my skivies on. dried up. got dressed got tire fixed. took dumb bitch home, ate foods with josh, raged some supplies.rode bikes, regulated people.surfed interweb. TAGGED. got my car. Saw homies, dissed bitches, PARTIED, played beer pong (team mate drank beers). TAGGED. Regulated cups, and keg. Dissed Bitches, cock blocked eric, RAGED. Didnt sleep, loaded supplies, dissed bitches, surfed interweb, drove home, slept 1 hour, went to work..... FUCK YEAH
my week was awesome

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