HOLLA AT YA BOY    2006-02-03 20:12:12 ET
I am so god damned sick. I went to the campus health center today, and it is official, i have the flu. THe fever and feeling sick and terrible doesnt bother me so much, the fact that jessica is feeling so horrible and there is nothing i can do to help her right now is what really gets to me. She hates her job and is having problems with her landlord, her mom is putting her through hell with guilt trips, and all i want to do is fall asleep with her, and tell her that everything will be ok, but if she got sick too, it would make everything that much worse. I am definately starting to really fall faster and faster for her. I jsut want to tell her whatever i have to to make her feel better, but my head is anything but clear, and for once, i cant think of anything to say..<3<3<3
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