God damn, i love life!    2006-01-30 00:27:24 ET
beautiful sweetheart of a girlfriend, edge is stronger than ever, a great job, amazing knowledge. honeslty, life can not get any better
Sound: The Get Up Kids- Fall from grace
EDIT: THis made me smile from ear to ear. It was a grin thatmakes life worth living!
i had so much fun this weekend! even if we both had to work our asses off, it was sooo worth it. i was thinking some more and want to know what i love?
*i love how you are always warm at night. whenever i get cold i can just snuggle closer and get warm
*i love how you dont care if you are covered with covers, just as long as i am
*i love how you are always touching me
*i love how you are so much like me
*i love it how you would let me into your life, house and how you make me feel comfortable at any cost.
*im glad that you got to see me interact with my sister, now you may be able to understand our bond a little better
*i love how you are so good to me

If i questioned it before, i no longer do. WE WILL BE GREAT TOGETHER!

ALSO, seconds after she woke up in the car, we saw a shooting star, I had never seen one before.

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