I am really pumped on life right now    2007-08-24 19:19:05 ET
So school started this week, and i couldn't be more excited and happy to be back in a learning mindset again, my classes are very righteous, and finally putting me on a path toward a degree in psych. Cute girls everywhere. Ive been riding my bike at least 2-5 miles a day, just getting around and what not. Had an interview with photobucket today to be a content moderator, i am almost positive i will get the job. My mom came up to denver today too! She picked me up from school, and after we took my bike home, she took me to eat at my fav vegan place. MMMMMMM SAIETAN PARM!!!!! We then decided to walk down the riverwalk, and ended up walking downtown, to a rigtheous bookstore. She bought me dharma punx, and ordered me Straight Edge (A book written not only about straight edge, but by a guy who grew up in the denver scene, so its a history of my scene!!!!!!!!!). Im excited she was buying me shit, but it was really just epic to be hanging out with my mom too, she realy is a neat lady! Oh yeah and Dora and i have been chit chatting more and more recently, and i keep getting little comments like "youre awesome" and such, so im excited to see where that is going. Me and Eric are seeing Ghostbusters on the big screen tomorrow, HYPED!!!!
SOUND: Iron and Wine- Lovesong of the Buzzard

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