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2009-11-10 18:58:59 ET

I woke up and ate a peanut butter sandwich in bed. Being me is a lot like being a seven year old boy.

Except when I roll over and feel like a fatty. Then I'm totally a teenage girl.

Then, all three cats end up in bed with me and I'm suddenly 45.

Oh, then I stand at my window and listen in on the conversation in backyard over between the lady next door (bitch) and some man with an awful Rhode Island accent (moron). Now I'm like 75.

It's 12:00 and I should shower and try to feel more like myself. (I should mess with my hair for an hour, try on a bunch of clothes, clean feverishly for a while, read, maybe sew for a bit, watch some movies & fall asleep.)

It's not a bad life.

Perpetually out of place.2009-05-11 19:15:50 ET

I wish I felt more like this:

And less like this:


2009-04-25 14:02:51 ET

Has anyone ever just up and made a move to somewhere without really knowing anyone? Without being extremely (or at all) familiar with the area? Moving to an area by yourself after not living alone, ever?

Maybe not even knowing anything at all, really.. other than that you'd rather be where you're going than where you are.

Difficult for me to put into words exactly what it is that I'm trying to say. Basically just wondering what it was/is like?


2009-03-31 11:39:27 ET

I went to buy jeans today (I need them so badly!) but ended up 1.)getting sidetracked by leopard print cardigans & 2.) Leaving with a pair of white Minnetonka moccasins... no jeans.

Good job, Devi.

I say buzz buzz buzz...2008-07-28 16:27:33 ET