2009-04-25 14:02:51 ET

Has anyone ever just up and made a move to somewhere without really knowing anyone? Without being extremely (or at all) familiar with the area? Moving to an area by yourself after not living alone, ever?

Maybe not even knowing anything at all, really.. other than that you'd rather be where you're going than where you are.

Difficult for me to put into words exactly what it is that I'm trying to say. Basically just wondering what it was/is like?

2009-04-25 14:31:34 ET

if you count enlisting in the army. didn't know exactly where i was going, didn't know anyone, but i did at least know i'd have a job and would be taken care of and whatnot.

anyway...it's not that bad. it's lonely at first, but that just inspires you to go out and make friends. in the end it'll just feel like closing one chapter of life and starting the next.

2009-04-25 16:01:35 ET

I've done it multiple times, only one with success...

...I've had problems living in one place most of my life, so on a whim, I would get up and move...the problem is is that it put me in an unstable situation in which it caused the inevitable, which is me moving again...

...the only successful time is like Jake says, enlisting into the military...

2009-04-25 18:28:58 ET

Except don't join the army.

But if you can keep pulling off this version of heroin-chic you've got going (I guess profile pictures are atypical though), you can move in here!

2009-05-02 12:11:01 ET

It's very gratifying, but hard for a reason. Go be where you want to be.

2009-05-11 00:50:04 ET

I have. You will do fine . (:

2009-05-25 19:43:56 ET

i've been contemplating doing this, but i have to leave pretty much all that i know behind me. i don't know if i'd ever get the guts to. hopefully it will work out for you though, good luck.

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