21st Birthdays
2004-01-26 11:42:04 ET

To start off this entry, I have to wish my bestest(and I meant to say bestest, spelling kaisers!) friend in the entire world, Luciferette, a Happy 21st Birthday! You all remember your 2lst birthdays right, I do, ah, it was last year in fact, I did absolutely nothing, yep, nothing at all. Sad, yes I know this, but than I do not really like going out and being around the general public. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

2004-01-26 11:44:03 ET

hahaha so sweet of you to make a bday post for your "bestest friend"(ive got one of those)
but i see you are new
so welcome, I am late i know,im always late

2004-01-26 14:19:21 ET

Better late than never though. Thank you for the welcome, everyone is so nice here, makes me wonder why. ~_^

2004-01-26 14:22:40 ET

hahaha because we are wierd haha
and of course i am always late but the thought that counts

2004-01-26 16:15:20 ET

luciferette is a 'goth name' , right ?

2004-01-27 14:25:37 ET

tell her happy birthday from me too if she cares ;-D

and huzzah for you updating!

and yeah my 21st birthday a month or so back sounds much like yours...ha

2004-01-27 15:00:49 ET

i always stay home for my birthdays. except for this year...i think its funner to stay home though. eyeunno...

im late...always am...welcome though.

2004-01-27 15:34:00 ET

oi oi happy birthday!


2004-01-27 15:49:51 ET

Weird, the people here, no, not possible. LOL, yes, Luciferette is her internet name, she got it from a Current 93 song I believe. Allo Lars! I will make sure to send her your regards.

2004-01-28 15:23:20 ET

and hey i told you sk is better than livejournal ;-P

most everyone is actually trustworthy, nice and not at grade-school-level intelligence...if they arent, m0xie boots their azz :-D

and are you still up for ze bondage ball on friday, oh sickly one? ;-)

2004-01-28 15:28:39 ET

Alright, alright, you have proved your point...bastard. :p And I certainly hope I can still go, I still feel kind of sickly, but that is Friday, perhaps I will feel better!

2004-01-28 15:33:40 ET

yase, youd better, or i shall come over and beat the sickness into submission with a large fish!

...or somethin

2004-04-20 10:30:33 ET

i had to work on my 21st (damn UPS). didn't even get to celebrate.

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