2004-01-28 13:36:42 ET

FYI, I added some pictures to my gallery, they are of myself and my best friend Luciferette at Anime Festival Orlando, taken last summer when I visited her in Florida. For reference, I am the shorter girl wearing the dreads, I would certainly hate to confuse anyone unintentionally. Luci is quite into cosplay and I am getting that way as well, I have several cosplays planned for when Anime Expo comes around again this summer.
I am feeling especially under the weather today, just when I think I may be getting better, grr. At least I have till Saturday off, hopefully that will be time enough for me to recuperate completely. And people wonder why I am so paranoid, err, concerned when it comes to germs.
As I was walking home yesterday though, some idiot drove by and yelled out his window, "Psycho Bitch!" at me. Sometimes I wonder what drives a person to yell such narrow minded and ignorant drivel out their windows, I suppose in their opinions, it is the perfect crime, since it is a fast getaway, and no punishment. I generally receive catcalls and guys asking me if I want rides, rarely do people hurl uncreative insults my way. Of course, if it were up to me, I would probably kill anyone who looked at me cross eyed but that is beside the point. I am always tolerant of other people, no matter what my personal opinion of them may be, I wish others would afford me the same courtesy but I suppose that is expecting too much of people and that is something I quit doing years ago. Ah well, as always, human stupidity annoys me but there is little I can do about it, save ignore it and not give them the pleasure of acknowledging their little feat of idiocy.

2004-01-28 13:46:07 ET

Both you and your friend rock! Cosplay takes no small amount of bravado. And putting up with the insults both in and out of scene can be a pain in the ass.

2004-01-28 13:55:55 ET

nice pictures--thanks for posting em. :)

2004-01-28 15:00:03 ET

Thanks! Yes, cosplay is an enjoyable hobby, expensive though.

2004-01-28 15:08:07 ET

I think it worth it in the end. You are right though, it can be expensive as hell. Still though, money aside, I just respect the people that have the guts to pull it off.

That and I like seeing my fav anime and game characters come to life :)

2004-01-28 15:26:51 ET

huzzah for pix!

and boo on stupid people. also, if someone were to yell 'psycho bitch' at me i would see if i could explain to them how that would be a compliment, as the band pzsycho bitch is actually quite good :-D (youve heard them at das bunker..ha)

2004-01-28 15:31:39 ET

Oh, it is defintely worth it, especially when you see people's reactions to your efforts, that makes it all worthwhile. Ha, that would have been amusing Lars, but they drove away before I could stun them with a brilliant comeback, yellow bellied cowards! ::Waves fist::

2004-02-02 13:20:18 ET

maybe he was yelling out "Pzycho Bitch! Such a great band!"

2004-02-02 13:39:26 ET

thats what im sayin!

but considering he was in orange county...i rather doubt it

2004-02-02 14:39:27 ET

LOL, now we are reaching!

2004-02-02 15:26:57 ET

OC is a land of doom. Sorry, OC'ers, but you know it's true.

2004-02-03 11:49:42 ET

too true

'tiz why im tryin to move to la la land

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