2004-02-02 13:03:26 ET

Yea, I think I am almost all better now, huzzah! Just a few remnants of my illness remain for which I am thankful for. That means I can go to Das Bunker this week, good for me. I apologize for not updating in a few days, you will come to realize I do that often, sometimes I simply cannot think of something to say.
On other notes, at Hot Topic, we made our plan for the holiday period and so we each got a bonus. Yep, a bonus, a gift certificate, for $30.00, good at ::drum roll:: our own store. Yeah, that's right, we got a gift certificate for our own store. Am I the only one who thinks that is a bit strange? I mean, it is nice and everything, there are things that I currently desire, but still, it is for our own store! Ah well, I am probably the only one thinks that is weird. Other people are probably like "Why are you complaining about that, are you daft, fucking A, I would love a gift certificate for doing my job!" Yes well, shut up. ~_^
In the next week or so, I am planning on posting some auctions on ebay, I need the money, for what some curious souls ask, why, for a pair of Storm Elevator boots from Pennangalan. Yep, $200 for a pair of boots, people are amazed when I tell them that, ah, but they are well made boots and are all awesome like. Ha, that was an alliteration, neat. I am also planning on buying a new dress, for no other reason than I feel that I need a new dress. Is it just me or do people confuse need with want far too often, there are few things we really need in life, food, water, a roof over our heads, most everything else is a desire, which there is nothing wrong with, desire is what makes the world go round, it makes the economy go, it is a wonderful thing!

2004-02-02 13:43:51 ET

i need...

gas and food

and katrina's people she's livin with have turned even more evil towards me so i can no longer steal their food!

<shakes fist>


2004-02-02 14:41:11 ET

Alright, I will feed you, if you think you deserve it. I should keep a running tab on how much I spend on you, so when you get a job, you can pay me back. LOL, j/k, I will simply think of an extravagant gift you can buy me. ~_^

2004-02-03 11:45:45 ET

as long as its a sexy gift!

2004-02-04 17:09:11 ET

So TurboLars this is the Pam person of which you speak... I keep thinking 'I should go and see who that is and say hi' and I never do.

So at any rate hello and a belated welcome to SK. I think that's kinda odd too that they would give bonuses in the form of gift certificates to the store you work at. But hey, it's $300.

2004-02-06 12:07:13 ET

Thank you for the welcome. Indeed, and it was actually $30.00, but hey, it is better than getting nothing at all, as the cliched saying goes, "It's the thought that counts."

2004-02-07 14:30:31 ET

Lol... oops. And I was thinking, damn that's a pretty big bonus.

2004-02-07 17:52:39 ET

LOL, indeed, when I read that, I was thinking "Wow, I wish I had gotten that much, it might make up for the emotional trauma of the holidays!" ~_^

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