2004-02-18 11:14:26 ET

Ah, another boring day off. Though admittadly, the time to myself is nice, it seems lately I have not had too much of that. I am by nature a solitary individual, you know, the lone wolf alone type, I have few friends, for some reason, I am considered a difficult person to get along with for an extended period of time, I have no idea why. ~_^
All I have been doing today is lazily surfing the web and singing random bars from "London Calling" by the Clash. Just so you know, I often start singing random songs, it does not seem to matter wether or not I like the band, it is whatever comes into my head at the time. Sometimes it is influenced by something I hear or read, today I read the line "Down by the river!" and it reminded me of London Calling. I doubt many of you will ever know me personally so consider yourselves lucky not to be the ones victimzed by my singing. ^^
I have come to the stunning revelation lately that not having money sucks, yes, this is something no one else but I realize, this greater knowledge of the nature of things. Yes, I know that is completely false, leave me to my delusions please, thank you. Anyways, it seems that I always am harboring the desire to posses something, and I never have near enough money to afford said things. Though even with my weak willed approach to shopping, I have never spent more than I actually have. I believe this comes from a fear of being in debt to anyone that I have, it makes me plain uncomfortable to owe anyone anything, it always has been this way. People tell me their stories like "Oh, I am $700 in debt right now." and they say it so non-chalantly that it boggles my mind. Maybe they just do not have any perspective on how this will effect their future endeavors such as home owning and other such things. Of course, most of them are around my age and your early twenties are the time when most people tend to attack things with little or no thought to what possible consequences it may have. Sometimes, I wish I was more like that, acting with such glorious abandon, but than I realize that I will be sitting quite pretty in about ten years because I was so careful. Of course, anything can happen in ten years.
Well, I am done for the time being. I will be going to Das Bunker on Friday, I hope to see some of you there. Come and say allo to me. Ta for now!

2004-02-18 18:34:11 ET


upon reading this, katrina now also has london calling stuck in her head


see ya friday ;-P

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