2004-02-19 14:52:56 ET

Feh, Hot Topic cut my Friday shift since they do not have any hours for the week so now I am not working till Saturday. ::Mutters:: I am getting tired of this, I do not work much there anyways, 14 to 15 hours a week and to cut a five hour shift off that? Damn Hot Topic!
On a lighter note, I drew three pictures last night, which is more than I have drawn in probably six months. And there are discussions about me going to college, something about my father paying for it. Hmm, I believe I will take them up on it, at least that it would give me something to do when I am not working, which is often right now.
Well, that was my short rant, I hope it was enjoyed by all.

2004-02-19 15:18:51 ET

I used to write but i now go uninspired because it feels that every word under the control of my fingertips is a lie. Help me m'lady. Make my bones and still blood move. Make my fingers dance upon the keys. Inspire me!

2004-02-19 15:35:39 ET

yay for drawing :-D

and caca on hot back to macy's?


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