2004-02-23 12:37:33 ET

Argh! I worked all weekend, which was good and bad. I was slightly annoyed when I was given a verbal warning about not putting enough energy into my closing shifts, which in of itself is silly, since it is after the store is closed and their are no customers. I overheard a discussion between two of the managers and I would have put forth my opinion if I thought they would have cared. The discussion had something to do with transferring clearance, a pair of shoes that cost $6.00 or so, it would cost $15.00 to transfer. One of the managers made the assitance that they had to, being that Hot Topic is all about the customers. I felt that that line of thinking was naive. Yes, Hot Topic is a customer centric company but a the same time, it is a business first and formost, it is not the customers that come first, it is the bottom line. If doing something is not fiscally beneficial in some way, than it should not be done. That is just my opinion, I could be wrong....but I doubt it. ~_^
I have no money right now, I shall have none until Friday, and I am still concerned that I am going to have to get another job to be able to afford all of the things I want, and I want to be able to move out sooner rather than later. I do not know how many places are actually hiring right now, much less if they are hiring for the amount of hours I want to work, hopefully, I will be able to find something that will not drive me insane. Yes, I generally have the same concerns on a week by week basis, I have gotten used to that fact by now.
Oh, and I thought I would mention, I shall not be able to go to Release the Bats on Friday, I have to close till 10:00, I am sure I will be disinterested in going after closing. The first closing shift I have gotten during the weekdays and it would have to be that Friday. Sigh, such is my luck at times. >_<;

2004-02-23 16:51:44 ET

In most mass consumer retail venues the thinking is that if you make a person happy and show that you "care" about them even if you make little or no profit that person will bring in more business and provide positve p.r. which is the numero uno marketing goal. /business crap

2004-02-23 17:06:45 ET


would you still be interested in hanging with myself, katrina, and tony after you were done closing, perhaps see a movie or something?

2004-02-23 17:51:51 ET

A good point mlleminx but I'm not quite sure it applies here. I'd say that the person that wants them should either go to that particular store to get them or be asked to pay for the transfer. Either that or a manager could always drive it there if it's not that far.

At any rate, yeah, how about going to do something with us Friday night? Do you like to play pool? Lol... sorry Lars I'm addicted the game.

2004-02-23 18:11:15 ET

Thanks for the commments. Yes, I agree. Pleasing the customer is important, but if you do it for one person, they will all expect you to go the extra mile, it is a rule at HT that we do not transfer clearance. I do not think we should make any exceptions, especially one that is going to cost us money rather than add to our bottom line. Besides, our store is getting nothing out of this since the person in question is not even going to buy the merchandise from our store. But I do digress.
Sure, I would probably not mind going out after work and doing something, as long as it would not involve too much effort on my part. Besides, we can always check out that new club on Sunday for our club fix. ^_^

2004-02-25 13:47:12 ET

tony: its alright i love pool madly as well, itd just been so long since id last played it when i played you that, well, yeah...haha.

pam: sounds like a planz0r. we picketh you up on friday at around ten, then

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