2004-03-03 12:17:24 ET

I must apologize for not updating for awhile, I just have not had anything altogether interesting to say lately, odd for me, since I can usually think of something at least slightly attention grabbing. Actually, I do not have much to say today either. I have started looking for a new job, alas, as much as I like working at HT, I need to be making more money, many things I have to save up for in the next few months, my cosplays, Anime Expo, and going to Florida to see my best friend and her husband before they move to England....lucky bastards....just kidding, they know I love them. ~_^ Of course, neither event is happening till summer but it is already March, wow, I had not realized how much time had passed but than I never had a firm grasp on time as it is, well, unless I am bored and time seems to slow down at an achingly slow crawl. Sadly, I am often bored, I do not have a car, and I am not into anything outdoors, or rather, anything that takes place when the sun is out, I have rather fair skin that is easily burned and when one has worked as hard as I have to keep their pallor, I am not about to let the sun ruin that!
I also have no money, this seems to be a constant theme in my life, I do not work much, I only get paid every two weeks, a bad combination. I fear I may have to get a full time job if I am to be able to move out, something I do not wish to do, I like having time to myself, when I do not get said time, I tend to be a tad grumpy, which is never a good thing.
I am curious to know someone else's opinion, is calling someone dear or love sound condescending, I have been told that it does, but I use the terms often towards people that I like, I do not figure it has any negative meaning, though with me, one never knows.

2004-03-09 14:54:15 ET

Dear, maybe. I tend to use sweetie, sweetheart, and dear. When I use dear though it tends to be a somewhat exasperated "Yes dear" "Ofcourse dear" "What ever you say dear" as if I were a husband talking to my wife. I'll still use it in a nice way too though. So I wouldn't say that they're condecending, it may just be the way it's percieved.

2004-03-10 17:08:27 ET

Yes, I do that as well, or when I am informing someone that they are doing something incorrectly, but I use the word "love" instead of dear, I do not know why, and it does not seem to matter to me wether or not they are male or female. ~_^

2004-03-16 11:08:03 ET

i say you join up with me and we become rockstars+comic book artists extraordinare and become at least millionaires, lovehoneycupcake X-D

and no, i dont think that sortof thing sounds condescending <shrug> i think it's just terms of endearment

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