Odds and Ends
2004-03-16 17:03:57 ET

Alas, I have been neglecting my journal,for shame. I apologize for that, I have not felt like writing lately. Well, I worked today, I have been getting more hours lately, which makes me happy, I need cosplay money, plus I need to save up for Anime Expo and my trip to Florida, plus I desire a few other misc items of clothing. I saw Dan today! He came into the store, he made me hug him, not like I really minded too much, he is one of the few people I actually like hugging, he is all adorable. We traded phone numbers, so hopefully, we will get together sometime. I am looking forward to Das Bunker on Friday, even though the cover is $10, ah well, we get to see two live performances so it should be worth it. And I get to take a virgin soul with me as well, my friend Jeff, who has never been to a gothic club, oh, the joy. This weekend was fun, I went out with my friend Shia on Saturday, we went to Little Tokyo, actually, we spent most of the time lost, since neither of us have a sense of direction. I bought a few new manga at KinoKuniya Bookstore and later, when we were back in Orange County, we went out to eat at this place called Oki Dokki, ha, cute name, but the food was great! Than, on Sunday, I watched movies with Lars and Kat, Cabin Fever and Suspiria, one of the all time classic visual horror movies of all time. Than on Monday, we watched the Serpent and The Rainbow, a movie none of us had ever seen, I think that is a first for us. Well, I shall leave it at this for the time being, have a pleasant St. Patty's day and all that, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and have a designated driver! ~_^

2004-03-16 17:08:08 ET

You guys had a movie night and I wasn't invited. That sucks. Ofcourse I was at work so I guess it doesn't matter much. See you friday.

2004-03-18 13:33:00 ET

all ze movies rawked, and i loved the serpent and the rainbow. and yes, we must have a movienight on a friday or thursday so the ape can join us! oh yeah, and i finally found out the name of that movie i wanted to find - its called attic expeditions. we must rent it sometime ^_^

and you'll love psyclon_nine and aslan faction, trust meh. i wonder if there's any way we can convince shia and/or dan to come with <ponders>

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