2004-03-24 14:46:00 ET

Das Bunker on Friday was awesome. Regretfully, I did not pay much attention to the bands at all, I seem to do that often. Instead I spent my time conversing with people which that night, appealed to me more than dancing or listening to live bands. It all depends on my mood I suppose. My friend Jeff was supposed to go with us but his mother took ill so he had to cancel, ah well, perhaps next time. I have not done much since than, it has all been relatively boring lately, thusly, my reason for not posting. People at work are taking ill, which is disturbing me and my germ concern, I am not paranoid, people really must stop saying that. ::Coughs:: What? Why is everyone so quiet?
I have had the last three days off, fitting since I have to work the next four, it balances out...um, yeah, well, not really. On Friday, we plan to see Dawn of the Dead which several people have told me was good, reliable sources too, I cannot wait. Hopefully, I will be able to go to Hollywood this weekend, even though I have to work, I get paid on Friday and this is my last paycheck for which I can splurge on, since I have to save my money for anime cons and my cosplays! I am planning on ordering a Jrock cosplay soon, I wonder if I can commision someone to make one for me, since there is a certain Dir en Grey cosplay I want that I cannot seem to find on any cosplay site. If anyone knows of anyone on here, please tell me! Alright, I shall leave it at this for right now, ta! Oh, I almost forgot, our website is up, please check it out if you want to see some of myself's and my best friend Luciferette's anime/manga inspired artwork!

2004-03-24 17:39:58 ET

Well what's the name of the site dear? I didn't pay so much attention to the bands either. I watched Psyclon_nine for a bit but that was all really, I was more interested in talking to people aswell.

2004-03-24 17:42:14 ET

Lol, um, well, you could just click on the banner on my bio section to see Dormant Deification, which is the name of the site. ~_^

2004-03-24 17:43:38 ET

I didn't realize that's what that was, it looks like one of those quiz results that people post in their bios lol.

2004-03-24 18:39:37 ET

Lol, it does, a bit, I can't tell if that is good or bad! So, what do you think, it's great right....right? ::Looks all hopeful::

2004-03-24 19:12:36 ET

What I saw was nice, but since I'm at work I'm afraid of getting some of those pics that you warn about at the begining of the site.

2004-03-25 14:58:26 ET

still wanting to go to dungeon on saturday, perhaps?

ill call ya either tomorrow or saturday.

also, i go check out the site now!

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