2004-04-07 15:02:11 ET

I just thought I would post a small entry today! One negative is that my shift at HT got cancelled today, I have to take the bus and was halfway there when they called. Needless to say, I was a smidge annoyed but ah well, I did not really want to work today and besides, it does rid me of any pesky transportation problems. Though I do wish I would have been given more ample warning that we were slow, I am a bit pissy about that. Oh, and if you read this Lars dear, you do not have to bother to pick me up today, thanks anyways. *hugs*
Oh, I am pleased about one thing though, I won the Automatom Window Skirt that I have wanted for months, and for only $46.05, new, never worn, what a deal! *many little hearts floating around me*<3 If anyone is interested, here is the ebay auction I won:
Sigh, well, I suppose I am done for the time being, ta for now! ^_^

2004-04-07 16:19:54 ET

I really like the hairfalls you have up :D

2004-04-07 17:33:39 ET

Oh ok... I was wonder for a minute there 'What the hell is a window skirt?'. I like skirts like that, dead sexy.

2004-04-07 18:20:31 ET

Tee hee, thanks a bunch dear, if all goes well, I'll wear it to the next Bunker! ~_^

2004-04-08 13:45:11 ET

darn me for not being able to get online yesterday...ha

we ended up going to the mall and waiting for like an hour X-D
oh well..i was having a rather horrid day yesterday anyway so at least you didnt have to put up with the mood i was

also - what are you doing today?
and gonna want to steal that skirt from you ;-P ;-D

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