2004-04-20 10:26:54 ET

Allo all. Sorry for the pause between updates, I have been so busy lately with work. Damn spring break, it brings all the kiddies out and you know, you have to watch those dear loves and their sticky fingers. I know that it is not right to think that every teenager is a pontential shoplifter but when you work in retail, you have to have that mindset. It is better to suspect someone and be wrong, than to ignore the signs and have merchandise taken. Work has been nice lately though, it is back to ou slow time now, you know, before summer comes along and the children are off. Yesterday, in the span of a couple of hours, I picked up two shifts, which is good, I need the money so I can start saving up for my cosplays. Though it has been recently been brought to my attention that I might not be able to go to Florida for Anime Festival Orlando since it is in August, which is right during back to school which is one of our busiest times of the entire year. If I want to go, I will have to quit my job at Hot Topic, I am not too pleased with that idea, it is a good job, better than most despite all it's faults. One cannot go wrong with a job that allows you to express yourself as you see fit.
I have finally started putting my clothing up for auction, I have already sold one thing, for far less than I wanted to sell it for but that happens, it is better to sell it and getting something for it than to let it sit and gather dust in my overstuffed closet. I recently put up another item and it has already exceeded the original price I paid for it, which makes me happy.
I have met some new people lately, which is always good, it is rather hard for me to make friends, for a variety of different reasons, most specifically due to the fact that I am anti-social, I have a germ phobia, and I do not like to be touched. I even met someone else who was in to cosplay, how great is that? Yea, more people to go to Anime Expo with.
Bunker last Friday was good, as always. I had planned to go to Release the Bats this Friday but I have to close at work, sigh, that always seems to happen to me, I was not even supposed to work that day but they coerced me into taking a shift. That's dash cunning of them. Today I am planning on helping Lars out with his car issues, though it will cost me a $50 deposit. Ah, if I did not own him before, I certainly do now. ~_^ Life is good.

2004-04-20 15:26:35 ET

Well at least you get the $50 deposit back.

I'd like to have things I could auction but all my possesions are only valuable to me.

2004-04-21 11:06:24 ET

Heh, I have some of those too but monetary value does not really make any difference. And yes, I can say that with a straight face/ ^_^

2004-04-30 22:36:17 ET

Awww.. yes those fucking teenag shoplifters need to be taught the true horror of goths and not this faux goths crap. I would string them from a fucking ceiling and show the clips of horrifiing images and feed them water and bread only if they passed the test i gave at the end of every grueling lecture muwhahahaha learn little bastards learn. Heheheh so cool. It was really nice meeting you had a dreadful time hope to hear back maybe go do something ttyl bye.

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